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Marketing Flavors of Jesus

Most churches today are learning marketing techniques from men like George Barna in order to grow larger and larger churches. They think that their actions must be right because they bring the desired growth. However, one of the flies in this ointment is the fact that the methods work equally well for basically any kind of church. Doctrine or any semblance of truth does not matter. Gary Gilley, in "This Little Church Went to Market" (p.18), reports this about those who buy into the church growth industry:

"The natural outcome for church leaders, who pour over such literature, is that they begin to use 'computerized demographic studies and other sophisticated marketing techniques to fill their pews'. And the good news (it seems) is that it does not matter what a given church believes, for 'anyone can learn these marketing and outreach techniques. You don't have to change your theology or your political stance.'"