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Closet Bible Deniers

There are many who jumped on the bandwagon for the King James Bible because it was popular. While they stood for the word of God in public, in their closets they were questioning its perfection. Now these people are coming out of the closet, and it is causing a major uproar.

People who attend "King James Only" churches all over the world ought to take note of these things. You ought to check with your preacher about where he really stands. You might be surprised. In order to help you find out where he stands, here are some good questions for you to ask your preacher.

  1. How perfect is God's inspiration of the scriptures?
  2. How perfect is God's preservation of the scriptures?
  3. Where is the word of God today?
  4. Are there any words in the King James Bible that could have been better translated?
  5. What do you think of the italicized words?
  6. Is the King James Bible the inspired word of God?
  7. Is the word of God in the original languages more perfect than the word of God in the King James Bible?
  8. Is every word in the King James Bible exactly what God wants it to be?