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Those politicians and liberals who insist on ignoring the real dangers in this world must create monsters almost out of the morning fog in order to have a reason for existing. According to an editorial by Kathleen Parker in today's Knoxville News Sentinel, their latest discovery as an enemy is the group they have called the Christianists. New books are attacking the emerging Christian theocracy. According to them, the Christianists are taking over our government. These Christianists are are compared to the Muslim extremists and are to be attacked with all vigor. Now, I admit that there are some groups that would like this kind of power (like the Christian Reconstructionists). But wanting power and getting it are two different things. And, let's give a little credit to these guys. I think some of them have far exceeded their handle on reality, but they are not flying airplanes into buildings or blowing themselves up in Walmarts. Neither do they have any major chunk of political power. Probably their largest legacy will be to bring persecution on the Christians of this country faster than it would have come otherwise. But I am willing to let God be in charge of that as well.