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When Ye Be Come Into the Land

The Book of Numbers is a great book when looking for devotional material. In chapters 1-10 the people seem to be wholly following the commandments of the Lord. However, chapter 11 is the beginning of woes. The very first phrase is "And when the people complained, it displeased the Lord". In chapter 12, we find the murmuring moving up the ranks into the leadership and infecting Miriam and Aaron as they murmur against Moses. In chapter 13, ten of the twelve spies come back with an evil report concerning the land of promise. In chapter 14, we find the people wanting to make a captain to return to Egypt and then wanting to stone Joshua and Caleb for their report of faith. This chapter includes the decision of the Israelites not to go into the land of promise, and then their decision to go into the land of promise after the Lord told them they could no longer go in. The Israelites decide to go against the commandments of the Lord and try to take the land of Canaan on their own, only to be smitten by the Amalekites and Canaanites. 

Chapter 15, is a completely different picture. It cries aloud of the grace of God, in the life of the chastised. Two times in this chapter (Numbers 15:2, Numbers 15:18) we find the phrase "when ye come into the land". It is as though in the mind of God the time of judgment was over and it was now a time of restoration. God had just chastised His people for not trusting Him and now He is making preparations for their entrance into the land they just refused. What a God we serve!