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A Letter to a Grandson in 1968

The following is a letter written to a grandson upon hearing the news of his baptism. Oh, that we had more grandparents with this kind of heart today.

"Dear Daryl:
Granny is so proud of you; you have followed Jesus Christ in baptism; and this represented His death, burial, and the resurrection. When John baptized Jesus, he put him under the water. This was like a burial, and when he came up, this was like coming forth from the grave. When we take Christ as our Saviour we must give up sin, try to be as near like Christ as we can, and we should teach others the way of Christ. You must live before the other young folks that they may see Christ in you. Lead as many to Christ as you can. Help Mother see after Dwayne, and pray for Daddy's safe return [he was serving in Viet-Nam].
I guess you have been listening to the terrible news. We are in a terrible time. The only hope for our nation is to repent and turn to the Lord Jesus Christ. This is all that it would take for this war to cease. But if our leaders don't take the word of God, it will be too bad.
Daryl, I know you will do your best to do God's will.
Tell Mother, Danny, and Dwayne hello for me, and let me hear from all of you. I wish all of you could come spend the summer with us.
I will go now, as I am a poor writer.
I love all of you,
P.S. My azaleas are so pretty now."

By the way, the recipient of this letter is following God's will for his life in heading to the mission field. Wonder if Granny had anything to do with that?