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Goodwill of the Natives

In 1513, Nicolo Machiavelli wrote the all-time classic on power politics; a book called "The Prince." Early in this book, Machiavelli gives warnings to those who would conquer another nation. Those who change their rulers willingly hope to better themselves. However, the new ruler must burden the people with "soldiery and with infinite other hardships" in order to keep his conquest. "In this way you have enemies in all those whom you have injured in seizing that principality, and you are not able to keep those friends who put you there because of your not being able to satisfy them in the way they expected, and you cannot take strong measures against them, feeling bound to them. For, although one may be very strong in armed forces, yet in entering a province one has always need of the goodwill of the natives." Perhaps our rulers should go back and read this old classic once again.