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When Things Look Down We Look Up

My mentor, David F. Reagan, gave me some last thoughts before he left this world. One of those was, "When things look down, stop looking at things." I have gained great strength from that line of wisdom, especially in light of the condition of our nation. While thinking along these lines, another thought came to mind "When things look down, we look up". With this in mind consider the following thoughts about the situation of our heavenly abode in heaven versus our temporary abode in this world.

The Economy

The United States: The economy is bad, and it is currently getting worse.

Heaven: The economy is doing very well. There is no debt, and the Lord is rich. As joint-heirs with Christ, we have part in His riches (2Corinthians 8:9)

The Government

The United States: The government is too big, it is at odds, and it cannot be trusted.

Heaven: There is complete agreement within the heavenly government. We can be sure that the heavenly government has our best at heart.

The Job Market

The United States: This country will always have people who are not willing to work for a living, and the government will take care of them. Now, however, even people who desire to work are struggling to find jobs to provide for their families.

Heaven: All will have work to do in heaven (Revelation 22:3).

The Security

The United States: We consider ourselves to be safe, because of the power of our military. This sense of security has wavered as of 9/11, and will be tested again in the future.

Heaven: All is safe. The creator of the world sits upon the throne there, and no foe can match His great power.