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Calvinism Splits Churches

I am beginning to read reports of Baptist churches splitting over the doctrine of Calvinism. Even Jerry Falwell is reporting an increase in these splits and is trying to counter the spreading influence of Calvinism. Unfortunately, this so-called return to Reformation doctrine parallels the anti-missionary movement of the early nineteenth century. In that movement, many churches were split and the Calvinistic churches eventually all but died out. Most of the time, they simply dried out for lack of evangelistic spirit. This movement also involves a return to the dead roots of the Protestant churches that came out of Catholicism at the time of the Reformation. They came about halfway toward the truth and that is good, but they quickly lost about half of the progress they originally gained and are today quickly approaching Catholicism in doctrine and practice. Calvinism, with its covenantal church/state theology and infant baptism is a large part of this apostasy. We can learn much from the godly Calvinists of the past, but Calvinism is not the way back to God. It is a deceptive detour.