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Discernment's Sister (Proverb's 5:1-2)

Introductory Thoughts

Last week’s subject covered the matter of discernment, but this week focuses on another closely related subject—discretion. The word of God uses three forms of discretion: discreet, discretion, and discreetly. A simplistic definition would be to gain knowledge on matters before making a decision and then using wisdom to make the right decision. According to today’s passage, discretion cannot be implemented without attending unto wisdom and bowing one’s ear to understanding. Only through God’s word can one hope to attain understanding, wisdom, or discretion. An individual must make decisions based on God’s word in order to be discreet.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): God wants you to think before making a decision. When would be the best time of the day to play outside? Where would be the best place to toss a ball with a friend? . . . to speak softly? . . . to run?
  • (For everyone): Are you sometimes so hasty to make a decision that you fail to weigh all the options? How often do you consult God in prayer over your decisions (whether large or small)?
  • Do you make many of your decisions simply based on emotion? Do you ever find that your emotions mislead you? What would be the wisest foundation for your decisions?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask God to help you to remember to pray before making decisions.
  • As you study His word, ask God for wisdom in decision making.