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Known for Love (Isaiah 49:15)

Introductory Thoughts

Godly ladies are known for the love they express toward others. Isaiah 49:15 might be used to argue otherwise, but the Lord references a mother’s love to depict the peak of earthly love. This passage simply points out that the mother’s love only fails to reach the pinnacle when compared to God’s own love toward His creation. God made a woman’s heart tender, but sin can harden this tender heart. For this reason, the older women within the New Testament church are instructed to nurture this particular trait within the younger women by teaching them how to love their husbands and their children (Titus 2:4). When things are spiritually right, the godly woman makes it her priority to care for those whom God has given her, and she does so in love. Examples of this love permeate the pages of scripture.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): Timothys grandmother showed love by teaching his mother about God and His word. Timothys mother, in turn, taught him (2 Timothy 1:5; 2 Timothy 3:15). When children are sick, mothers show love by praying, caring, and seeking help for them (2 Kings 4:18-22; Mark 7:25-30).
  • (For everyone): What did Hannah do each year to demonstrate her love for Samuel (1 Samuel 2:19)? How did Hagar demonstrate love for Ishmael in Genesis 21:16? What are some ways in which the wife or mother of your home demonstrates love?
  • What is so special about a mothers love? How does it differ from that of a father? Who made the woman to love like that?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask the Lord to increase the love in your home.
  • Thank God for putting it in the heart of women to love.


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