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Missed Blessings (John 20:24)

Introductory Thoughts

Nothing testifies more to the regrets of missed blessings than Thomas’s absence when the risen Saviour met with the disciples. Of all the times to forsake a meeting of believers, Thomas will be known for missing this meeting until the Lord comes. The Bible does not disclose why he was not with the other believers, but we do know what special event he missed – the presence of the risen Lord. Although the Lord Jesus will not visibly or physically show up in our church services, missing a service could cause us to miss His presence in a very special way. For instance, a lost sinner could get saved, or a brother or sister who had wandered from the Lord could find repentance. Maybe something for which you have faithfully prayed was to be answered during the service. Regardless of what might take place, missing the service will mean missing wonderful blessings, some of which can never be recovered. The one service you take for granted could be the very one that God meant to be most special for you.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): David greatly desired to be in God's house (Psalm 27:4). He loved to think about God and get his questions answered. He longed to learn God's word (Psalm 27:11a). When God gives the pastor a special message for us, we need to be present to hear it.
  • (For everyone):  What could happen if you invited someone to visit church and then did not show up on the day that he or she visited? How would you feel if a friend got saved and you were not there to encourage him or her?
  • Some things in life cannot be undone. Thomas could not go back and change the fact that he was missing when the Lord showed up. What blessings are you willing to miss simply because of a lack of faithful church attendance?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask God to show you the importance of attending each service.
  • Ask the Lord to remind you of blessings you would have missed.


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