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The Blessings of Giving (Luke 6:38)

Introductory Thoughts

Some have misapplied today’s verse to suggest that God is bound to financially give to those who financially give to Him. Some false teachers have used verses like Luke 6:38 to suggest that a man who gives to God will have his gift restored sevenfold. This seems to be the ploy of most televangelists. Giving to God's work is not a magical formula guaranteeing personal enrichment. In fact, a Christian who sacrificially gives to the Lord may lose his job. He may give to the Lord only to incur some major unexpected expense. Yet, the Christian can be sure that he will never give to the Lord without receiving a resultant blessing from God. Far too many times, we seem to blame God for any bad that may follow but fail to recognize the delayed blessings that are sure to follow obedience. The Lord promises that we will never give to Him without Him giving back to us. Rest assured that you cannot and will not ever out give God.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): The lad with the five loaves and two small fishes gave what he had to the Lord. What did the boy receive? He not only was blessed to eat but also had the joy of knowing what he gave to the Lord helped many other people. Did you ever wonder if he was allowed to take home all the leftovers that were gathered?
  • (For everyone): Think of some blessings that God has given to you since you began giving to Him. Has there ever been a time that you were without the basic necessities (food and raiment) while giving to Him?
  • What do you believe are some of the greatest kinds of blessings that you can get from the Lord? What would you be willing to give God in order to receive those blessings?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask the Lord to meet your needs as you give to Him.
  • Ask God to bless you with spiritual blessings as you obey Him.