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We Need Not to Speak (1 Thessalonians 1:1-10)


This Pauline epistle is addressed to believers in Thessalonica. It opens with an expression of joy and thanksgiving for their work and labour. Paul then reminded them how they came to be followers of him and of the Lord after they received the word through much affliction. Paul praised them for their faithful example to those in Macedonia and Achaia. In fact, they were so faithful that Paul said when He arrived in Macedonia and Achaia, he did not need to speak a word because of the example of the Thessalonian believers. Their testimony spread to these locations, as well as in “every place.” Paul knew he could trust these saints to be dependable witnesses of the gospel. What an incredible relief and wonderful blessing this must have been for the apostle Paul.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children) A younger child sees you listening to the preaching. He also notices you joining in singing during the entire song service. He truly wants to be just like you. By showing him the right way, his mother and father might not have to correct him so often and the Lord will reward you one day for your faithfulness.    
  • (For everyone) Paul frequently traveled into cities unfamiliar to the gospel. How did the Thessalonian believers make Pauls task so much easier as he entered a new area? What had changed about these believers that convinced many in Macedonia and Achaia of their genuine conversion?
  • What kind of testimony do you have with those around you? If someone knocked on the door of your extended family and invited everyone to church, would the task be harder or easier because of you?


  • Can the Lord depend upon you to lead people to the truth? Ask Him to help you be a brighter light for the truth of the gospel.
  • Ask God to reveal the effect that you have upon others. Ask Him to help you change when you see yourself setting the wrong example.


Make Me a Channel of Blessing