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What Is Murmuring? (Exodus 15:24)

Introductory Thoughts

Murmuring is a grievous sin harmful to everyone involved or impacted. When God’s people murmur, they do so because their heart is not sufficiently focused upon the Lord. Various forms of the word murmur occur forty times in the word of God. Interestingly, the number forty throughout scripture is frequently connected to a time of testing or trial. The vast majority of these occurrences reflect people who were displeased with something the Lord was responsible for doing. Their displeasure with the Lord caused them to voice their frustrations to others. Murmuring generally manifests itself outwardly, but at its root is a heart problem (Matthew 12:34; Matthew 15:19). It comes as no surprise that the medical community uses the term murmur to describe a heart problem.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): Your parents tell you to put away your toys and get ready for bed. You complain to yourself or to a younger sibling that you dont see why you have to do this since you are not finished playing. That is murmuring! You are also complaining to the Lord because He gave dad and mom authority over you.
  • (For everyone): What causes you to murmur? How easily do you become frustrated and disgruntled with the events of your life? To whom do you normally murmur?
  • How does murmuring manifest problems within your heart? With whom are you ultimately frustrated when you murmur? Why are you frustrated?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask the Lord to cleanse you of the sin of murmuring.
  • Ask God to work in your heart so that you cease to murmur.