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Giving Thanks Will Continue (Revelation 7:12)

Introductory Thoughts

Far too much of the Christian's focus has little to no impact beyond the here and now. When Christians leave this world to meet the Lord, there are some things that will carry through to eternity (1 Timothy 6:19). One involves the thanksgiving we present to our Creator. In fact, death will heighten our desire and ability to offer thanks to God. Departed believers, along with angels and other spirit beings are already giving thanks to God in heaven. Our thanksgiving like theirs already will become more frequent and increasingly pure when we finally see our Saviour face-to-face. One day, we too will join that throng to thank the One who gave His everything for us. Why wait to face any regret of not having obeyed the Lord while on earth? Give God thanks now!

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): Read Psalm 145:1-2. Blessing and praising God include thanking Him. King David said he did that daily and that he would do it forever. Can you picture this king in heaven right now thanking God? 
  • (For everyone): How much time do you spend on spiritually perishable matters? How much time do you spend on things God calls vanity? What more could the Lord have done to encourage you to give Him thanks?
  • Are you excited about the prospect of spending an eternity in heaven? Do you ever find yourself longing to be with the Lord? Why not begin doing some of the things that will continue forever? You can. Give Him thanks!

Prayer Thoughts

  • Thank God for eternal life.
  • Ask God to help you begin thanking Him today.


Now Thank We All Our God