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With Leadership Comes Responsibility (James 3:1)

Introductory Thoughts

Far too many people allow themselves to accept unbalanced viewpoints. For instance, people focus on the glory of leadership while failing to realize the tremendous responsibility that comes with leadership. A student, for example, is only responsible for his own studies, while a teacher takes on the added responsibility for how he leads each of his students. A pastor who can’t rule well his own home has no business taking on the added responsibility of caring for the church of God (1 Timothy 3:4-5). An employee within a company is responsible to God for his own work.  Yet, a company owner takes upon himself the responsibility for leading and caring for every individual affected by the company. With these truths in mind, we again focus upon today’s passage. James suggests that believers consider the responsibility that accompanies leadership before taking on a position of leadership.

Devotional Thoughts

  • (For children): Being a leader is not easy. Davids men were upset with him when the Amalekites burned their city and stole their goods and took their families. David was not at fault, but as a leader, the responsibility fell to him. He first prayed to God for direction and then led the men to victory and the recovery of all that was taken.
  • (For everyone): What is the level of responsibility that you currently bear? Whom are you responsible for leading? Are you leading those people in the right direction? If not, what might be the consequences?
  • How should leadership responsibility bring about a sobriety within your life? How should it effect the decisions that you make and the way that you make those decisions?

Prayer Thoughts

  • Ask the Lord to show you the responsibility of leadership.
  • Ask God to give you wisdom in leading others.