How Our Sins Can Be Forgiven

The Doctrine of Propitiation

How can you know your sins are forgiven? How can you make perfect peace with God and be assured of a home in heaven? This booklet deals with this important subject. It does so by looking at the Bible doctrine of propitiation. Please do not be put off by this word. If you do not know what propitiation is, you are in the majority. However, by the time you get through with this booklet, it should make perfect sense to you. It is a powerful picture of salvation and a powerful Bible lesson in forgiveness and exactly how we get it. I encourage you to read on.

The word propitiation is a term that occurs in the King James Bible three different times. Unfortunately, many of the new versions leave the word out entirely. This omission, and others like it, is not taken seriously because people do not know what propitiation is. You may think that someone should take those long words out of the Bible. But these words mean something. There are not that many long words in the Bible, but the ones that are there have a special significance. God is trying to teach us something very important.

Bro. Luther Adkins, the founding pastor of Antioch Baptist Church, liked to tell a story about a new pastor who took a church. Shortly after he began his preaching there, a lady caught him after the services and complimented him, “You know, I really like your preaching. It don’t have any doctrine in it nor nuthin’.” He loved telling that story because some messages really do not have any doctrine in them “nor nothing.” The doctrine of propitiation tells of eternal salvation from God’s point of view. Please, do not take it lightly. It contains the key to eternal life for you.

David Reagan

Daily Proverb

Proverbs 7:25

Let not thine heart decline to her ways, go not astray in her paths.