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Is God the Source of Sin?

John M. Frame in his book called "The Doctrine of God" has some helpful teaching on the being and works of God. However, when he begins to teach his Calvinistic theology, he seems to lose His grip on what is proper. According to him, although man is responsible for his sins, these sins are also foreordained by God. Consider this quote (p.130): "Human sins, too, are foreordained. Sometimes, indeed, as we have seen, Scripture describes God specifically as 'hardening' people, that is, making them more sinful. When God brings about sin, that sin is in one sense unavoidable." I only hope this the teaching that God foreordains sin, makes men more sinful, and brings about sin, is as repugnant to you as it is to me. But more important, it is unscriptural. God is careful to point out that He is not the tempter of sin but that sin is the result of us being drawn of our own lust (James 1:13-15). What is the point of this teaching if God has ordained our sin? This is the foolishness that consistent compliance to the Calvinistic system bears.