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Notes on Africa

Although the population of Africa is approaching one billion, its growth rate is slowing rapidly. This is mostly the result of AIDS and the return of diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis. Entire economies in central and southern Africa are disintegrating as a result. Though many are turning to Christ on the continent, Africa remains the number one challenge for Bible translation. Of 2,110 languages, only 130 have an entire Bible. For now, much of the outreach and training of workers in Africa will continue to be done in the languages of earlier colonialism. Of the 55 countries in Africa, 22 use French as their official language, 21 use English, 7 (in the north) use Arabic, 4 use Portuguese, and one uses Spanish. An African language is used as the main means of conducting the nation's business in only 6 African nations. Although 116 million Christians in Africa would identify themselves as evangelicals, there is much work to be done for the Lord in this struggling continent. [information from "Operation World"]