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A Man from Luz

Introduction:  Joshua has passed on and the children of Israel are prepared for battle.  They experienced some great victories, yet they ultimately experienced great defeat as recorded in Judges 1:28 and Judges 2:10-10.  In the midst of this story of warfare we find an interesting story about a man.  He is unnamed and most certainly on purpose.  For in this man we will see many of the same characteristics of our own lives.

    1. The Appeal to the Lord (Judges 1:1-2)
    2. The Feats of Judah and Simeon (Judges 1:3-15,17-20)
    3. The Failure of Benjamin (Judges 1:21)
    4. The Battle Plans of Joseph (Judges 1:22-23)
      1. The house of Joseph planned to go up against Bethel (Judges 1:22)
        1. The name Bethel means house of God.
        2. The name of the city had been Luz (Judges 1:23).
        3. This was changed at least in part by Jacob (Genesis 28:16-19).
      2. The house of Joseph sent to descry Bethel (Judges 1:23)
        1. Many if not all of the modern versions change this to spy out.
        2. This however, is something different.  The word descry means to see something from without.  This is further evidenced as their intention because:
          1. They did not see the man until he came out of the city (Judges 1:24).
          2. They asked the man where the entrance to the city was (Judges 1:24).
          3. They did not go into the city to spy they merely wanted to do research from without and then they would attack (Judges 1:25).
      3. The Lord was with them (Judges 1:22)
  2. THE EXTENSION OF MERCY (Judges 1:24-25)
    1. The Offer of Mercy (Judges 1:24)
    2. The Destruction of the City (Judges 1:25)
    3. The Freedom of the Man and His Family (Judges 1:25)
    1. Settling in the Land of the Hittites
      1. The Hittites were to be driven out as well (Joshua 3:10)
      2. The Hittites fought against Israel (Joshua 24:11)
      3. The Hittites as a stumblingblock to righteousness (Judges 3:5-7)
      4. A picture of the flesh
        1. Solomon conquered (1 Kings 9:20-21)
        2. Solomon fell to (1 Kings 11:1-4)
    2. The Building of a City
      1. He built a city and named it after the city that had been destroyed.
      2. He named the city in a way as to remove the presence of God.

Conclusion:  Have you had mercy extended to you so that you could escape the judgment and wrath of Almighty God?  What have you done as a result of that mercy?  Where have you fled?  To what city have you made your citizenship?  Have you fled the wrath only to build again the things that God spared you from?  If so, get up and flee the place where you are and find shelter in the Lord’s will for your life.