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Door Keeper in the House of the Lord

Introduction: Many today love to have the preeminence (3 John 1:9) like Diotrephes of old. They desire to be teachers understanding neither what they say nor whereof they affirm (1Timothy 1:7). James warns against too many desiring to be masters, not realizing that they shall receive the greater condemnation (James 3:1). Man desires a position. God takes a servant and gives him a job to do.

    1. The Sons of Kohath
      1. One of the three sons of Levi (Genesis 46:11)
      2. The responsibilities of the Kohathites (Numbers 4:4-20)
    2. The complaint of Korah (Numbers 16:3)
      1. You take too much on you
      2. All the congregation is holy
      3. In other words, Korah wanted a higher position than baggage boy and thought to get it by bringing Moses and Aaron down to size
    3. The end of Korah (Numbers 16:35)
      1. Fire from the Lord (cp. Leviticus 10:1-2)
      2. The gainsaying of Korah (Jude 1:11); gainsay means to speak against (see Romans 10:21; Titus 1:9)
    1. A Direct Descendent of Korah (1 Chronicles 9:19; 1 Chronicles 26:15 and 19)
    2. A Name Meaning Servant of Edom
      1. In times of blessing, Edom became the servants of Israel (2 Samuel 8:14)
      2. What could have made this man a servant of Edom?
    3. A Porter for the Service of the Ark (1 Chronicles 15:18)
    4. A Doorkeeper for the Ark of the Lord (1 Chronicles 15:24; 1 Chronicles 26:12-19)
    1. A Doorkeeper in the House of His God (Psalm 84:11)
    2. A Keeper of the Ark of the Lord (2 Samuel 6:1-12)
    3. A Musician Playing Praises to the Lord (1 Chronicles 15:19-21)
    4. A Man Receiving the Blessings of the Lord (2 Samuel 6:11; 1 Chronicles 26:4-8)

Conclusion: Conclusion: Make your place of service a source of blessing. Remember that little is much when God is in it. He that is greatest among you shall be your servant (Matthew 23:10-12). He that is greatest among you shall be your servant (Matthew 23:10-12).