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A Refuge of Lies

Introduction:  Isaiah 28 is the first of four chapters in sequence beginning with the word “woe”.  This particular “woe” is a warning for Ephraim.  Ephraim apparently held on to a high opinion of themselves, though the chapter declares their glorious beauty as a fading flower.  In the middle of the chapter we find that one of their problems is concerning their refuge of lies.  God is none too pleased and pronounces the destruction of their refuge.

  1. The Refuge of Our Lies (Isaiah 28:15)
    1. The Need for Refuge
      1. In a time of danger
      2. In a time of insecurity
      3. In a time of fear
    2. The Refuge of Lies
      1. Lies for a refuge
      2. Falsehood for a covering
  2. The Revealing of Our Lies
    1. The Lies of the Lost
      1. The no God lie
      2. The no eternity lie
      3. The weighed in the balance lie
      4. The no hurry lie
    2. The Lies of the Saved
      1. The no time lie
      2. The no fruit lie
      3. The no fellowship lie
      4. The no power lie
      5. The no revival lie
  3. The Removal of Our Lies (Isaiah 28:16-19)
    1. By a Righteous Standard (Isaiah 28:16)
      1. A foundation laid by God
      2. A tried stone
      3. A precious corner stone
      4. A sure foundation
    2. By a Righteous Judgment (Isaiah 28:17)
      1. Judgment laid to the line
      2. Righteousness to the plummet
    3. By a Removal of Misconceptions (Isaiah 28:18)
  4. The Insufficiency of Our Lies (Isaiah 28:20)
    1. For Supporting Us bed too short
    2. For Covering Us cover too narrow

Conclusion:  What lie will hinder you from getting right with God today?  What will you continue to hide behind today that He must remove at the judgment seat or the great white throne judgment?  Why don’t we forsake all of our lies and repent of our sins and see what God can do in our lives?