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Lessons from the Sower

Introduction:  This appears to be one of the first if not the first parable given by our Lord.  At least on one occasion the Lord entered into a ship and sat down to teach those on the sea side and He began His teaching with this parable.  It was so important that the Lord Himself questioned the disciples ability to understand any parables if they could not comprehend this one (Mark 4:13).  What were some of the lessons that our Lord was trying to teach when He spoke this great parable?

  1. THE SOWER (Luke 8:5)
    1. The Preparations for Sowing
      1. The sowers choice to labour in the field.
      2. The sower arises to go work in the field.
      3. The donning of proper attire.
    2. The Journey to the Field
      1. The sower went out or went forth (Matthew 13:3)
      2. The sower left the comforts of his home to enter into the field.
    3. The Job of Sowing
      1. The offering of the seed
      2. The sowing on all types of ground
  2. THE SEED (Luke 8:5)
    1. The Purity of the Seed (Leviticus 19:19; Deuteronomy 22:9)
    2. The Owner of the Seed (Luke 8:5)
    3. The Identity of the Seed (Luke 8:11)
    1. The Ground is the Heart of Man (Luke 8:12)
    2. The Wayside (Luke 8:5, 12)
      1. Parable
        1. It was trodden down (Luke 8:5)
        2. The fowls of the air devoured it (Luke 8:5)
      2. Application
        1. They hear the word (Luke 8:12)
        2. They do not understand the word (Matthew 13:19)
        3. Satan robs them of the word that was sown in their hearts (Luke 8:12)
        4. They are unsaved (Luke 8:12)
    3. The Stony Ground (Luke 8:6, 13)
      1. Parable
        1. The ground did not have much earth (Mark 4:5)
        2. Immediately it sprung up (Mark 4:5)
        3. It had no root (Mark 4:6)
        4. It lacked moisture (Luke 8:6)
        5. The sun scorched it (Mark 4:5)
        6. It withered away (Mark 4:6)
      2. Application
        1. They hear the word (Mark 4:16)
        2. They receive it with joy (Mark 4:16)
        3. They have no root in themselves (Mark 4:17)
        4. They endure for a while (Mark 4:17)
        5. When tribulation or persecution comes because of the words sake they fall away (Mark 4:17)
        6. They are undiscipled.
    4. The Thorny Ground (Luke 8:7, 14)
      1. Parable
        1. Thorns sprang up with it (Luke 8:7)
        2. The thorns choked it (Luke 8:7)
        3. It yielded no fruit (Mark 4:7)
      2. Application
        1. They hear the word
        2. The word is choked by
          1. The cares of this world (Mark 4:19)
          2. The deceitfulness of riches (Mark 4:19)
          3. The lusts of other things entering in (Mark 4:19)
          4. The pleasures of this life (Luke 8:14)
        3. They bring forth no fruit to perfection (Luke 8:14)
        4. They are unfruitful
    5. The Good Ground (Luke 8:8, 15)
      1. Parable
        1. It sprang up (Luke 8:8)
        2. It bore fruit (Mark 4:8)
          1. Some thirtyfold
          2. Some sixtyfold
          3. Some an hundredfold
      2. Application
        1. They hear the word (Luke 8:15)
        2. They understand the word (Matthew 13:23)
        3. They keep the word (Luke 8:15)
        4. They bring forth fruit (Luke 8:15)

Conclusion:  Have you evaluated what kind of ground you are?  The sower has gone forth.  He has cast the seed of the word of God your way.  Will it be received?  Will it bring forth fruit?