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Selling the Righteous

Introduction:  Here God’s people are at the end of a long line of judgment.  The Lord begins with Damascus, Gaza, Tyrus, Edom, Ammon, and Moab.  Then He moves to the sins of His own people with Judah and Israel.  These passages do not directly apply to the New Testament church, yet the saints of God of any age ought to be willing to look at other times and see what brings forth the judgment of God.  Though God deals with people differently in different times, His righteous judgment against sin is the same.

    1. They Sold the Righteous for Silver (Amos 2:6)
    2. They Sold the Poor for a Pair of Shoes (Amos 2:6)
    3. They Turned Aside the Way of the Meek (Amos 2:7)
    4. A Man and His Father Go in Unto the Same Maid (Amos 2:8)
    5. They Didnt Return the Pledge to the Poor (Amos 2:8; Deuteronomy 24:12)
    6. They Had Forsaken the True Altar (Amos 2:8)
    7. They Drank Wine of the Condemned in the House of Their God (Amos 2:8)
    1. God Destroyed the Amorites (Amos 2:9)
      1. The strength of the foe
        1. Their height was like the height of the cedars
        2. He was strong as the oaks
      2. The fall of the foe
        1. The fruit from above
        2. The roots from beneath
    2. God Delivered Israel from Egypt (Amos 2:10)
    3. God Led Israel to Possess the Land of the Amorite (Amos 2:10)
  3. GOD'S CALL TO SERVICE (Amos 2:11)
    1. The Calling of Prophets
      1. God raised them up
      2. Of their sons
    2. The Calling of Nazarites
      1. God raised them up
      2. Of their young men
    1. Ye Gave the Nazarites Wine to Drink
    2. Ye Commanded the Prophets to Prophecy Not
  5. THE REMOVAL OF GOD'S POWER (Amos 2:13-16)
    1. Gods Displeasure with the People (Amos 2:13)
      1. I am pressed under you
      2. As a cart that is full of sheaves
    2. The Removal of Protection (Amos 2:14-16)
      1. The flight shall perish from the swift (Amos 2:14)
      2. The strong shall not strengthen his force (Amos 2:14)
      3. The mighty shall not deliver himself (Amos 2:14)
      4. He that handles the bow shall not stand (Amos 2:15)
      5. He that is swift of foot shall not deliver himself (Amos 2:15)
      6. He that rideth the horse shall not deliver himself (Amos 2:15)
      7. He that is courageous among the mighty shall flee away naked (Amos 2:16)

Conclusion:  We are living in a day where folks who are trying to live for the Lord are being discouraged from doing so by those who are supposedly saved.  Are you one of the ones who will be a hindrance to the young people or to those who desire to draw closer to God?  What if your children grow up and believe God is calling them to serve Him?  Will you get in the way or will you encourage them to follow?