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Serving With Love

Introduction: We find in this section a story of love. Jacob who had left home to flee the wrath of his brother Esau had come to the land where his parents had instructed him to find a wife. Jacob arrives and begins to ask about his uncle Laban (Genesis 29:5-6). He is told that Laban is well and it just so happens that Rachel, Laban’s daughter, is coming with the sheep (Genesis 29:6). It was love at first sight. Jacob goes over and shows how strong and courteous he is as he rolls away the stone for Rachel and others (Genesis 29:10). Jacob kissed Rachel and wept and in the next verse he told her who he was (Genesis 29:11-12). Rachel is so excited that she apparently forgot about the sheep and ran home and told her father of Jacob (Genesis 29:12). Laban comes to greet Jacob and he brings him back into his own home. After a month, Laban tells Jacob that he shouldn’t be doing all of the work he is doing for free and he asks him to set a wage (Genesis 29:14-15). Jacob sets the wage and that wage is Rachel’s hand in marriage. The agreement is, Jacob will serve for seven years in order that he might gain the right to marry his love. It is in this service that lie some principles that we too can apply to our lives in order to be a better servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. Let’s look into the passage.

  1. The Time of Service
    1. The agreement was set for seven years (Genesis 29:18)
    2. After Laban deceived Jacob by giving him Leah, Jacob served seven more years for Rachel (Genesis 29:25-27)
    3. This was a long time to serve.
    4. We as Christians ought not to just commit this moment to Christ, or this day, week, month or year, but we ought to commit our entire life to Him. There is no quitting time for a Christian.
      1. Time of Youth (Ecclesiastes 12:1)
      2. Time of Old Age (Psalm 71:18)
  2. The Type of Service
    1. Jacob work included keeping the goats and sheep for Laban. (Genesis 30:29, 31-33)
    2. This was not a glorious job. It was dirty work.
    3. As Christians we ought not concern ourselves with the earthly glory available for a work. Rather, we ought to consider the work that needs to be done and do it.
    4. More and more Im finding that Christians say they want to serve the Lord but in their minds they have a list for God to choose from.
    5. God will not work from your list.
  3. The Reward of Service
    1. Jacobs only reward for this time of service was to be Rachel. (Genesis 29:18)
    2. Jacob no doubt maintained a roof over his head and food to eat but there were no extras. He was on a mission to get Rachel
    3. In the Christian life we ought not occupy ourselves with the pursuit of material wealth and fame and the applause of men. Rather we should be consumed with a holy desire of obtaining the favour of our dear Saviour. (2 Timothy 2:4)
  4. The Experience of Service
    1. They seemed unto him but a few days.
    2. Jacobs service for Rachel was nothing to him when compared to the prize of marrying his love.
    3. For Jacob it was a wise investment of time because he loved Rachel
    4. As Christians our love of the work, which we do, is highly connected with our love for the One for which we are working.
    5. If you are losing your zeal in working for the Saviour it is because your love for the Saviour has slipped.

Conclusion: In closing, I would like to ask you some questions.

  • What is the purpose of your life?
  • Who or what receives the preeminence in your life?
  • Would you serve the Lord if the only option presented to you was a job that you did not like to do?
  • Would you serve the Lord if none but the Lord Himself ever knew that you were serving Him?
  • Would you serve the Lord if the only reward were obtaining the favour of Jesus Christ?
  • Do you gripe when someone gives you something to do in the Church?
  • What have you done for the Lord lately that was extremely inconvenient?
  • Do you murmur and complain in front of your friends, coworkers, or children about serving the Lord?

Think about these questions. Is your heart right in service? If not maybe you should go back to the example of Jacob and serve with love.