There's Still Water in the Rock

Scripture Passage: 
Numbers 20
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Introduction:  The children of Israel are in Kadesh, the place where they decided that they could not go and possess the land of Canaan.  The people are thirsty.  The Lord has provided water already out of a rock in Horeb.  This is a chapter of trials.

  1. The Trials
    1. Miriam Dies (Numbers 20:1)
      1. She had led the women. (Exodus 15:20-21)
      2. The children of Israel would not journey until she returned from leprosy.   (Numbers 12:15-16)
      3. Was considered one of the leaders of the Exodus (Micah 6:4)
    2. Moses Sins against God (Numbers 20:9-12)
      1. Moses had been their mediator.
      2. Moses was the man that the Lord knew face to face
    3. Edom comes out to block passage for Israel (Numbers 20:14-21)
    4. Aaron Dies (Numbers 20:28)
      1. It was Aaron’s rod that swallowed up the rods of Pharaoh’s magicians.
      2. It was Aaron who had helped to hold up the hands of Moses to prevail over Amalek
  2. The Water- In the midst of all of the chaos the Lord still has water in the Rock (Numbers 20:11)
    1. The Faithfulness of God
      1. The Rock followed them (1 Corinthians 10:4)
      2. The Rock was not to be smitten
        1. Moses’ method was wrong
        2. Moses’ motive was wrong
        3. God still supplied
    2. The Fullness of God (His Supply) (Philippians 4:19)
    3. The Food of God (He fed them with bread and water) (Luke 4:4)
    4. The Favour of God (His Grace on the children of Israel)
      1. The children of Israel didn’t deserve water, but they were thirsty.  They were His people. He couldn’t forsake them for His name’s sake.
      2. God always takes care of His own
    5. The Fountain of God (His Life is within Himself)
      1. There was still life in the Rock
      2. Jesus Christ has life within Himself.
Andrew Ray

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