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The Myth of Two Masters

  1. WHERE IS YOUR TREASURE? (Matthew 6:19-21)
    1. Treasures on Earth (Matthew 6:19) 
    2. Treasures in Heaven (Matthew 6:20; 1 Peter 1:4)
    3. Treasures of the Heart (Matthew 6:21; Colossians 3:1-2) 
  2.  WHAT DRAWS YOUR EYE? (Matthew 6:22-23) 
    1. Light in the Eye (Matthew 6:22; 2 Corinthians 11:3; Colossians 3:22)
    2. Darkness in the Eye (Matthew 6:23; Ephesians 4:18
  3. WHO IS YOUR MASTER? (Matthew 6:24) 
    1. The Impossibility of Two Masters 
    2. The Necessity of One Master 
    3. The Incompatibility of God and Mammon
  4. WHAT FILLS YOUR THOUGHTS? (Matthew 6:25-29)
    1. Food and Drink? (Matthew 6:25-26)
    2. Impossible Dreams? (Matthew 6:27; Luke 12:25-26)
    3. Clothes? (Matthew 6:28-29) 
    4. Thought Wasters:
      1. Lustful thoughts
      2. Wishing for material things
      3. Worrying over material needs (Philippians 4:6)
  5. WHERE IS YOUR FAITH? (Matthew 6:30-32) 
    1. Our Need for Faith (Matthew 6:30)
    2. Gods Knowledge of our Needs (Matthew 6:31-32) 
  6. WHAT DO YOU SEEK? (Matthew 6:33)
    1. Seek First the Things of God
    2. God will be Responsible for Adding the Rest (Psalm 34:9-10; Psalm 84:11-12)
  7. WHO HOLDS YOUR TOMORROW? (Matthew 6:34)
    1.  Do Not Worry About Tomorrow (Matthew 6:11)
    2. Do Not Look Beyond the Evils of Today (Deuteronomy 33:25)
No Leisure to Look Up – “It is storied of Henry the Fourth of France asking the Duke of Alva if he had observed the eclipses happening in that year: he answered, that he had so much business on earth, that he had no leisure to look to heaven. So it is. Most men are of this Spanish general’s mind: witness the oxen, the farms, the pleasures, the profits and preferments, that men are so fast glued unto, that they have hardly leisure to entertain a thought of any goodness.” –by Spencer from New Encyclopedia of Prose Illustrations (page 17).
When God Spoils Our Pictures – “Two painters were employed to fresco the walls of a magnificent cathedral. Both stood on a rude scaffolding constructed for the purpose, some distance from the floor. One, so intent upon his work, forgetting where he was, stepped back slowly, surveying critically the work of his pencil, until he had neared the edge of the plank on which he stood. At this moment his companion, just perceiving his danger, seized a wet brush, flung it against the wall, spattering the picture with unsightly blotches of coloring. The painter flew forward, and turned upon his friend with fierce upbraidings, till made aware of the danger he had escaped; then, with tears of gratitude, he blessed the hand that saved him. Just so, sometimes we get so absorbed with the pictures of the world, unconscious of our peril, when God in mercy dashes out the beautiful images, and draws us, at the time we are complaining of his dealings, into his outstretched arms of love.” –from New Encyclopedia of Prose Illustrations (page 19).

CONCLUSION: Life is the Time to Serve the Lord – In August of 1772, two Baptist preachers of Virginia, James Greenwood and William Loval, were seized by warrant in King and Queen county and transported to the county jail for preaching without a license. While being transported to the jail, they gave notice that they would preach the next Lord’s Day from the jail windows and they sang the following song:

Life is the time to serve the Lord,
The time to insure the great reward;
And while the lamp holds out to burn,
The vilest sinner may return!
Then what my thoughts design to do,
My hands, with all your might pursue;
Since no device or work is found,
Nor faith, nor hope beneath the ground.