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The Ministry of Barnabas

Introduction:  We have a great church here at Antioch Baptist Church.  I’m sure if the Lord were to write us as He did the seven churches of Asia Minor, He would have some positive things to say to us.  No doubt God is pleased when a church does not correct the Bible but rather believes it as it is.  He must be pleased when the music speaks of His Son, His truths and holy living.  No doubt He likes it when a church is sending and supporting missionaries.  However, I’m sure as with the churches in the Book of Revelation the Lord could say to Antioch Baptist Church, “I have somewhat against thee”.  What would the Lord see in our church that needs strengthening?  The answer can be found by looking at the life of the man named Barnabas.

  1. An Introduction to Barnabas
    1. His Name Means Son of Consolation
    2. His Fame Declined as Paul became the focus
  2. Bringing in a New Believer (Acts 9:1-6; 26-27)
    1. Discipleship Be responsible for teaching them the basic truths of the word of God
      1. Salvation
      2. Baptism
      3. Christian Living
      4. Witnessing
    2. Fellowship
      1. Spend time with them
      2. Call them
      3. Write them
      4. Pray for them
      5. Give them your phone number
  3. Bringing in a Servant of God (Acts 11:25-26)
    1. Fellowship
      1. Make them feel welcome
      2. Encourage them that this is now their home
    2. Leadership
      1. A true soldier wont be able to come in and sit still
      2. Offer to go on visitation with them
      3. Encourage them to serve the Lord here
  4. Bringing in a Fallen Brother (Acts 15:36-40; 13:13)
    1. Responsibility
      1. Take the fallen brother under your wings
      2. See their potential
      3. Be responsible for them
      4. Be willing to take a stand for them
      5. When others forget about them you had better not
    2. Restoration (2 Timothy 4:11)
      1. Work with them until they become profitable again
      2. Study the Bible with them
      3. Pray with them
      4. Remind them of the goodness of God

Conclusion: The disciples might not have ever accepted Paul or he might have been left in Tarsus rather than going all over ministering like he did, had it not been for a man named Barnabas.  Mark may have never written the Gospel according to Mark had it not been for Barnabas.  Today in churches we boast of salvations, baptisms and new members and we sweep under the rug the spiritual casualties.  God, however, does not ignore them and He asks of us to be a Barnabas and make it our life’s mission to rescue and bring in the wandering sheep.  Do you have an honest love and burden for those who are saved and fallen by the wayside?  According to 1 John 4:20, “If a man say, I love God, and hateth his brother, he is a liar: for he that loveth not his brother whom he hath seen, how can he love God whom he hath not seen.”  Will you be a Barnabas?  Will you give of yourself to help another?