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A Wife for Isaac

INTRODUCTION:  Practically speaking, this chapter is a wonderful illustration in how to fulfill God’s will in our lives.  Abraham knows that Isaac needs a wife.  However, he is determined that he have the right wife.  He will not compromise by sending Isaac away from the land of promise (Genesis 24:6), but he has confidence that God will go before his servant and prepare the way (Genesis 24:7).

The servant is an example of obedience and faith.  He prays for the right girl to be revealed and God answers his prayer in a miraculous way.  Also, notice how he refuses to be hindered from his purpose (Genesis 24:55-56).  He is determined to fulfill his master’s will and will not rest until the task is completed (see Genesis 24:33).

    1. Abraham Gives Charge to His Eldest Servant (Genesis 24:1-4).
      1. The timing of the plan (Genesis 24:1)
        1. Abraham was old.
        2. The Lord had blessed Abraham in all things.
      2. The symbol of the agreement (Genesis 24:2)
        1. Abraham charged the eldest servant of his house.
        2. The servant was to put his hand under Abrahams thigh to confirm the agreement. (see also Genesis 47:29)
      3. The charge given to the servant (Genesis 24:3-4)
        1. Thou shalt not take a wife unto Isaac of the daughters of the Canaanites (Genesis 24:3).
        2. Go unto the country of Abrahams kindred to take a wife for Isaac (Genesis 24:4).
    2. The Servant Seeks Clarification of the Mission (Genesis 24:5-6).
      1. What if the plan fails (Genesis 24:5)?
      2. Abraham rejects Isaac leaving the land of promise (Genesis 24:6).
    3. Abraham Shows His Confidence in the Lord (Genesis 24:7-9).
      1. Abrahams confidence is based on history (Genesis 24:7).
        1. The Lord took Abraham from his fathers house.
        2. The Lord took Abraham from the land of his kindred.
        3. The Lord spake unto Abraham.
        4. The Lord sware unto Abraham that his seed would possess this land.
      2. Abrahams confidence is presently strong (Genesis 24:7-8).
        1. The Lord shall send His angel before the servant (Genesis 24:7).
        2. The servant will take a wife unto Isaac from the land of Abrahams kindred (Genesis 24:7).
        3. If the woman will not be willing, the servant is free from the oath (Genesis 24:8).
      3. The confirmation of the agreement (Genesis 24:9)
    1. The Servant Journeys to Mesopotamia (Genesis 24:10-11).
      1. The train for the journey (Genesis 24:10)
        1. The servant
        2. Other men (Genesis 24:32)
        3. Ten camels of the camels of his master
      2. The place of arrival (Genesis 24:10-11)
        1. The servant came to Mesopotamia, the city of Nahor (Genesis 24:10).
        2. They rested outside of the city by a well of water (Genesis 24:11).
      3. The time of arrival (Genesis 24:11)
        1. They came to the well at the time of evening.
        2. They came to the well at the time that women go out to draw water.
    2. The Servant Prays for Guidance (Genesis 24:12-15).
      1. The plea for Gods blessings (Genesis 24:12)
      2. The location of the servant (Genesis 24:13)
      3. The specifics of the servants request (Genesis 24:14)
        1. The request of the servant
          1. Let down thy pitcher.
          2. That I may drink
        2. The response of the woman
          1. Drink.
          2. I will give thy camels drink also.
      4. The immediate answer to the servants prayer (Genesis 24:15)
        1. She arrived before the servant had finished speaking.
        2. She was of Abrahams kindred.
    3. Rebekah Fulfills the Servants Prayer (Genesis 24:16-20).
      1. The beauty of Rebekah (Genesis 24:16)
      2. The approach and request of the servant (Genesis 24:17)
      3. The proper response from Rebekah (Genesis 24:18-20)
    4. Rebekah Reveals Her Family to the Servant (Genesis 24:21-27).
      1. The concern of the servant (Genesis 24:21-23)
        1. He wondered whether the Lord had made the journey prosperous or not (Genesis 24:21).
        2. He asked Rebekah of the identity of her family and if there was room for him to lodge (Genesis 24:22-23).
      2. The family of Rebekah (Genesis 24:24)
      3. The offer of Rebekah (Genesis 24:25)
      4. The worship of the servant (Genesis 24:26-27)
    1. Rebekahs Family Meets the Servant (Genesis 24:28-32).
      1. Rebekah informs her family of the servant (Genesis 24:28).
      2. Laban runs to meet the servant (Genesis 24:29-30).
      3. Laban invites the servant into their home (Genesis 24:31).
      4. The servant accepts the invitation (Genesis 24:32).
    2. The Servant Reveals His Mission (Genesis 24:33-48).
      1. The servants persistence in his mission (Genesis 24:33)
      2. The servant speaks of his master (Genesis 24:34-35).
      3. The servant speaks of his masters son (Genesis 24:36).
      4. The servant tells the family of Abrahams plan for a wife for Isaac (Genesis 24:37-41).
      5. The servant tells of his own prayer at the well (Genesis 24:42-44).
      6. The servant tells of Gods answer in the arrival of Rebekah (Genesis 24:45-48).
    3. Laban and Bethuel Agree to Rebekahs Marriage (Genesis 24:49-53).
      1. The acceptance of Laban and Bethuel for Gods plan (Genesis 24:49-51)
      2. The worship of the servant (Genesis 24:52)
      3. The servant gives gifts to Rebekah and her family (Genesis 24:53).
  4. THE CHOICE: REBEKAH CHOOSES TO GO (Genesis 24:54-60)
    1. The Servant Refuses To Be Hindered (Genesis 24:54-56).
      1. The servant finishes his speech and eats (Genesis 24:54).
      2. The servant and his men tarry over night (Genesis 24:54).
      3. The servant rose up in the morning and desired to go to his master (Genesis 24:54).
      4. The attempt of Laban and Bethuel to hinder their departure (Genesis 24:55)
        1. They request that Rebekah abide with them a few days.
        2. They request that Rebekah abide with them at least ten days.
        3. After this she can go.
      5. The servant appeals to the Lords name for the family to send him on (Genesis 24:56).
    2. Rebekah Agrees To Go with the Servant (Genesis 24:57-60).
      1. The family leaves the time of departure up to Rebekah (Genesis 24:57-58).
      2. Rebekah agrees to go (Genesis 24:58).
      3. The train being sent back (Genesis 24:59)
        1. Rebekah
        2. Rebekahs nurse
        3. Rebekahs damsels (Genesis 24:61)
        4. Abrahams servant
        5. The men with him
        6. The camels (Genesis 24:61)
      4. Laban and Bethuel bless Rebekah (Genesis 24:60).
        1. Be thou the mother of thousands of millions.
        2. Let thy seed possess the gate of those which hate them.
    1. Isaac Sees the Camels Coming (Genesis 24:61-63).
      1. Rebekah departs from her home (Genesis 24:61).
      2. Isaacs dwelling in the south country (Genesis 24:62)
      3. Isaacs time of meditation (Genesis 24:63)
    2. Rebekah Covers Herself with a Veil (Genesis 24:64-65).
      1. Rebekah gets a glimpse of Isaac (Genesis 24:64).
      2. Rebekah lighted off the camel and put on a vail (Genesis 24:64-65).
    3. Isaac and Rebekah are Married (Genesis 24:66-67).
      1. The servant tells Isaac all things that he had done (Genesis 24:66).
      2. Isaac took Rebekah and she became his wife (Genesis 24:67).

CONCLUSION:  God gave to Isaac the wife that was just right for him.  What do you need the Lord to do in your life?  Are you being obedient to Him?  Are you confident that He will take care of the need?  Are you praying?  Are you refusing to be hindered from your God-given tasks?  Are you submissive to His will in your life?