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David Brings the Ark to Jerusalem

INTRODUCTION: David’s first major order of business as king of Israel is to bring the ark to its rightful home. His intentions are noble, but his methods are unscriptural. A time of great joy quickly turns to a time of displeasure. Yet, the Lord is longsuffering and in the end the people are able to bring the ark to Jerusalem.

  1. THE ARK ON A NEW CART (2 Samuel 6:1-5)
    1. David Gathers the Chosen Men (2 Samuel 6:1).
    2. David Fetches the Ark (2 Samuel 6:2-4).
      1. David and the people with him go to fetch the ark of God (2 Samuel 6:2).
      2. They set the ark of God upon a new cart (2 Samuel 6:3).
        1. They learned this method from the Philistines (1 Samuel 6:7-9).
        2. The ark was to be transported upon the shoulders of Levites using staves (Exodus 25:14-15; Deuteronomy 10:8).
      3. They bring the ark out of the house of Abinadab (2 Samuel 6:4).
    3. The House of Israel Plays before the Lord (2 Samuel 6:5).
      1. David and the house of Israel play before the Lord.
      2. All instruments are made of fir wood.
  2. THE DEATH OF UZZAH (2 Samuel 6:6-11)
    1. The Anger of the Lord Is Kindled (2 Samuel 6:6-7).
      1. Uzzah puts forth his hand to stop the ark of God (2 Samuel 6:6).
        1. The ark comes upon Nachons threshingfloor.
        2. The oxen shake the ark.
        3. Uzzah touches the ark in order to keep it from falling.
      2. The Lord smites Uzzah (2 Samuel 6:7).
        1. The anger of the Lord is kindled against Uzzah.
        2. God smites him for his error.
        3. He dies by the ark of God.
    2. David Is Displeased (2 Samuel 6:8-9).
      1. David is displeased (2 Samuel 6:8).
        1. Because the Lord has made a breach upon Uzzah
        2. He calls the name of the place Perez-uzzah meaning the breach of Uzzah.
      2. David is afraid of the Lord (2 Samuel 6:9).
        1. The events of Uzzahs death cause David to fear the Lord.
        2. David now asks the question that he should have asked from the very beginning How shall the ark of the LORD come to me?
    3. The Ark Is Taken to the House of Obed-edom (2 Samuel 6:10-11).
      1. David carries the ark aside to the house of Obed-edom (2 Samuel 6:10).
      2. The ark remains in the house of Obed-edom for three months (2 Samuel 6:11).
      3. The Lord blesses Obed-edom and his household (2 Samuel 6:11).
  3. THE ARK CARRIED BY THE LEVITES (2 Samuel 6:12-15)
    1. David Returns to Take the Ark (2 Samuel 6:12).
      1. David receives news of Gods blessings upon Obed-edom.
      2. David goes up and brings the ark into the city of David.
    2. The Levites Carry the Ark (1 Chronicles 15:1-2, 11-15).
      1. David declares that none ought to carry the ark but the Levites (1 Chronicles 15:1-2).
      2. The Levites sanctify themselves to carry the ark (1 Chronicles 15:11-15).
    3. The Ark Returns with Worship (2 Samuel 6:13-15).
      1. They offer sacrifices to the Lord (2 Samuel 6:13).
      2. David dances before the Lord (2 Samuel 6:14).
      3. The people shout (2 Samuel 6:15).
      4. The ark returns with the sound of the trumpet (2 Samuel 6:15).
  4. THE ARK BROUGHT INTO JERUSALEM (2 Samuel 6:16-19)
    1. Michal Despises David in Her Heart (2 Samuel 6:16).
      1. Michal sees David leaping and dancing before the Lord.
      2. She despises him in her heart.
    2. The Ark Is Set in His Place (2 Samuel 6:17-19).
      1. The ark is set in the midst of the tabernacle David pitched (2 Samuel 6:17).
      2. David offers burnt offerings and peace offerings before the Lord (2 Samuel 6:17).
      3. David blesses the people in the name of the Lord (2 Samuel 6:18).
      4. David deals food and drink to all present (2 Samuel 6:19).
        1. A cake of bread
        2. A good piece of flesh
        3. A flagon of wine
      5. The people depart to their homes (2 Samuel 6:19).
  5. THE ANGER AND JUDGMENT OF MICHAL (2 Samuel 6:20-23)
    1. Michals Accusations against David (2 Samuel 6:20)
      1. David returns to bless his household.
      2. Michal comes out to meet him.
      3. Michal makes accusations against David.
        1. She accuses him of behaving foolishly.
        2. She accuses him of uncovering himself before the handmaids.
        3. Note: This is the section of Scripture used by many to suggest that David dances naked before the Lord. There are several problems with this:
          1. The Bible plainly tells us that David has clothes on (2 Samuel 6:14; 1 Chronicles 15:27).
          2. These accusations are coming from a woman who is judged by God and dies childless (2 Samuel 6:23).
          3. The accusation of being uncovered is based on the fact that David is not wearing kingly garments, but is rather adorned in garments similar to that of a priest.
    2. Davids Rebuke of Michal (2 Samuel 6:21-22)
      1. Davids actions were before the Lord and His people (2 Samuel 6:21).
      2. Davids humility and honour (2 Samuel 6:22)
        1. He will be base in his own sight.
        2. He will have honour in the sight of the maidservants.
    3. The Lords Judgment of Michal (2 Samuel 6:23)
      1. Michal has no child unto the day of her death.
      2. This is seen as the judgment of God (Leviticus 20:20, 21; Jeremiah 22:30).

CONCLUSION: David is not a perfect man, but he is God’s man. He fails to bring the ark up on the first attempt, but makes it right and is able to deliver the ark of God to the city of Jerusalem.