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INTRODUCTION: Leprosy is used in scripture as a type of sin. Leprosy is a disease which a person acquires. Yet, over and over again in the Bible, it is said to be an uncleanness from which one must be cleansed. In our lesson, this cleansing requires the leper to make a trespass offering (Leviticus 14:12) and a sin offering (Leviticus 14:19) in order to make atonement for him who is to be cleansed (Leviticus 14:19). We, too, must be cleansed of the leprosy of our sin by the blood of Jesus Christ.

  1. THE DIAGNOSIS OF LEPROSY (Leviticus 13:1-43)
    1. The Plague Turns the Hair White (Leviticus 13:3, 20).
      1. Hair turning white is an indication of aging (Proverbs 20:29).
      2. Leprosy causes a type of preliminary aging.
      3. Sin causes us to age and is the cause of death (Romans 6:23).
    2. The Plague Is Deeper than the Skin (Leviticus 13:3, 20, 30).
      1. The plague of leprosy is more than just a surface problem that can be ignored or that will go away.
      2. Sin is deeper than the skin and is much more serious than most people think (Romans 7:11-13).
    3. The Plague Spreads in the Skin (Leviticus 13:8, 22, 27).
      1. Leprosy cannot be controlled by normal means; it just keeps spreading.
      2. Man cannot control sin; it gets out of control before he knows it (Proverbs 14:12).
    4. The Plague Causes Raw Flesh to Appear (Leviticus 13:10, 14).
      1. Most diseases occur under the skin or on top of the skin; leprosy is deeper than the skin, but it also causes raw flesh to appear; it exposes the flesh.
      2. The reason sin can never be truly fixed by man is because it is a natural result of his flesh (John 6:63; Romans 7:18; Romans 8:8; Galatians 5:16-21).
  2. THE CONDITION OF THE LEPER (Leviticus 13:44-46)
    1. He Is Pronounced Unclean (Leviticus 13:44).
      1. His condition is diagnosed.
      2. His condition shall be pronounced by the priest.
    2. His Shame Is Made Known (Leviticus 13:45).
      1. His clothes shall be rent.
      2. His head is uncovered (cp. Leviticus 10:6).
      3. He must put a covering on his upper lip (Isaiah 6:5).
      4. He must cry Unclean, Unclean.
    3. His Living Condition Is Changed (Leviticus 13:46; Luke 17:12).
      1. He must dwell alone.
      2. He shall dwell without the camp.
      3. In later times there was a place called a several house where a leper could dwell (2 Kings 15:5; 2 Chronicles 26:21). Note: the base of the word several is sever, which means separated.
  3. THE CLEANSING OF THE LEPER (Leviticus 14:1-32)
    1. He Presents Himself To Be Examined by the Priest (Leviticus 14:1-3).
    2. He Brings Two Birds to the Priest (Leviticus 14:4-7).
      1. What he brings (Leviticus 14:4)
        1. Two birds alive and clean
        2. Cedar wood
        3. Scarlet
        4. Hyssop
      2. The first bird killed (Leviticus 14:5)
        1. In an earthen vessel
        2. Over running water
      3. The second bird released (Leviticus 14:6-7)
        1. Taken with the other items (Leviticus 14:6)
        2. Dipped in the blood of the first bird (Leviticus 14:6)
        3. The blood sprinkled on the leper seven times (Leviticus 14:7)
        4. NOTE: The number seven is mentioned in the passage on leprosy (Leviticus 13-14) exactly 14 times; it points to perfection in the cleansing of the leper.
        5. The living bird released in the field (Leviticus 14:7)
    3. He Cleanses Himself Externally (Leviticus 14:8-9).
      1. He washes his clothes.
      2. He shaves off his hair.
      3. He washes himself.
      4. He waits seven days.
      5. He shaves off his hair.
      6. He washes his clothes.
      7. He washes himself.
    4. He Brings Offerings to the Priest (Leviticus 14:10-13).
      1. His offering (Leviticus 14:10)
        1. Two he lambs
        2. One ewe lamb
        3. Three tenth deals of flour for a meat offering
      2. He is presented before the Lord (Leviticus 14:11).
      3. The offerings are made by the priest (Leviticus 14:12-13).
        1. A trespass offering (Leviticus 14:12)
        2. A wave offering (Leviticus 14:12)
        3. A sin offering (Leviticus 14:13)
        4. A burnt offering (Leviticus 14:13)
    5. He Has Blood and Oil Applied by the Priest (Leviticus 14:14-18).
      1. The application of blood (Leviticus 14:14)
        1. From the trespass offering
        2. On his right ear, right hand and right foot
      2. The application of oil (Leviticus 14:15-18)
        1. From the log of oil (Leviticus 14:15)
        2. The sprinkling of oil seven times (Leviticus 14:16)
        3. Applied on his right ear, right hand and right foot (Leviticus 14:17)
        4. The anointing of his head with oil (Leviticus 14:18)
    6. He Has Atonement Made for Him by the Priest (Leviticus 14:19-32).
      1. He is cleansed from his uncleanness (Leviticus 14:19-20).
      2. A way is made for the poor to be cleansed (Leviticus 14:21-32).

CONCLUSION: Other Bible stories about lepers and leprosy are 1) the signs given to Moses (Exodus 4:1-8); 2) the judgment of Miriam (Numbers 12:1-16); 3) the cleansing of Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-14); 4) the judgment of Gehazi (2 Kings 5:15-27); 5) the four leprous beggars (2 Kings 7:3-11); 6) the judgment of Uzziah (2 Chronicles 26:16-21); 7) the cleansing of the leper (Matthew 8:1-4; Mark 1:40-45; Luke 5:12-16); 8) the cleansing of the ten lepers (Luke 17:11-19). The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from the leprosy of sin.  Praise the Lord!