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Joseph's Brothers Come to Egypt

INTRODUCTION:  Joseph has been exalted to the second place in the entire land of Egypt.  Now all that needs to take place in order for the dreams of his youth to be fulfilled is for his brothers to come and bow down to him.  God is working this out through the famine that is in the land.  He is also preparing for the preservation of the children of Israel through the next 400 years.  God’s providence is seen as strongly here as it is in the book of Esther.  He is bringing all things together for His good.

    1. Jacob Receives News of Corn in Egypt (Genesis 42:1-2).
      1. The famine had affected Jacob and his family (Genesis 42:1).
      2. The sons of Jacob were sitting around doing nothing about their need (Genesis 42:1).
      3. Jacob heard that Egypt had corn and he sent his sons to buy some (Genesis 42:2).
    2. The Brethren Journey to Egypt to Buy Corn (Genesis 42:3-5).
      1. Only ten of the brothers made the journey (Genesis 42:3).
      2. Benjamin was left behind with Jacob in case of trouble (Genesis 42:4).
      3. The brothers of Joseph were among a crowd of others who had come to buy corn (Genesis 42:5).
    3. Joseph Recognizes His Brothers (Genesis 42:6-8).
      1. Josephs brothers come and bow before him (Genesis 42:6).
        1. Joseph was the governor of the land.
        2. Joseph was the man who sold to all the people of the land.
        3. Josephs brothers came to him and bowed themselves before him with their faces to the earth.
        4. This fulfilled the dream of Joseph concerning the sheaves (Genesis 37:5-8).
        5. Note:  One day in the future every knee will bow before the Lord Jesus Christ (Romans 14:11; Philippians 2:10).
      2. Joseph spoke roughly with his brothers (Genesis 42:7).
      3. Joseph knew his brothers, but they did not know him (Genesis 42:8).
    1. The Brothers Are Accused of Being Spies (Genesis 42:9-14).
      1. Joseph remembered his dreams concerning his brothers (Genesis 42:9).
      2. Joseph accused the brothers of being spies sent to see the nakedness of the land (Genesis 42:9).
      3. The brothers give some information about their identity (Genesis 42:11).
      4. Joseph accuses his brothers of being spies a second time (Genesis 42:12).
      5. The brothers give more information about their identity (Genesis 42:13).
      6. Joseph accuses his brothers of being spies a third time (Genesis 42:14).
      7. Note:  It appears that Joseph continues to make the accusation to get his brothers to give him information.  It is not that he needed the information, but he needed them to give it as to not give away his identity.
    2. The Brothers Get a Chance to Prove Their Innocence (Genesis 42:15-20).
      1. A plan to imprison all but one of the brothers (Genesis 42:15-16)
      2. All of the brothers are imprisoned for three days (Genesis 42:17).
      3. A new plan to release all but one of the brothers (Genesis 42:18-20)
    3. The Brothers Remember What They Did to Joseph (Genesis 42:21-24).
      1. The brothers see this as punishment for what they did to Joseph (Genesis 42:21).
      2. Reuben reminds them that he warned them not to do it (Genesis 42:22).
      3. Joseph understood their speech and wept (Genesis 42:23-24).
      4. Joseph took Simeon from them and bound him before their eyes (Genesis 42:24).
    1. Joseph Sends Them on Their Way (Genesis 42:25-26).
      1. Joseph prepares his brothers for their journey (Genesis 42:25).
        1. He commanded to fill their sacks with corn.
        2. He commanded to restore every mans money into his sack.
        3. He commanded to give them provision for the way.
      2. Josephs brothers depart (Genesis 42:26).
    2. One of the Brothers Finds Money in His Sack (Genesis 42:27-28).
      1. The money in the sack (Genesis 42:27)
        1. One of the brothers opened his sack to feed his ass.
        2. He found that his money was in his sacks mouth.
      2. The fear of the brothers (Genesis 42:28)
        1. The brother told the other brothers that he found his money in his sack.
        2. The heart of the brothers failed them.
        3. They were afraid wondering what God had done unto them.
    3. The Brothers Rehearse the Events to Jacob (Genesis 42:29-34).
      1. The brothers arrive home and tell Jacob of the events that befell them in Egypt (Genesis 42:29).
      2. The brothers tell of Josephs accusation (Genesis 42:30).
        1. He spake roughly to them.
        2. He took them for spies of the country.
      3. The brothers tell of their defense (Genesis 42:31-32).
        1. They said they were true men and no spies (Genesis 42:31).
        2. They said they were twelve brethren (Genesis 42:32).
      4. The brothers tell of Josephs judgment (Genesis 42:33-34).
        1. Hereby Joseph would know they were not spies (Genesis 42:33).
        2. Leave one of your brethren (Genesis 42:33).
        3. Bring your youngest brother (Genesis 42:34).
    4. The Troubles Continue for Jacob (Genesis 42:35-36).
      1. Trouble in the sacks (Genesis 42:35)
        1. As the brothers emptied their sacks, every man found his money.
        2. As Jacob and the brothers saw the money, they were afraid.
      2. The pain of Jacob (Genesis 42:36)
        1. Joseph is not.
        2. Simeon is not.
        3. Ye will take Benjamin away.
        4. All these things are against me.
    5. Reuben Seeks Approval to Take Benjamin (Genesis 42:37-38).
      1. Reubens plea for the taking of Benjamin (Genesis 42:37)
        1. Reuben offers the life of his two sons if he does not return Benjamin.
        2. Reuben offers his promise of the safe keeping of Benjamin.
      2. Jacobs refusal to send Benjamin (Genesis 42:38).
        1. Because of Benjamin
          1. His brother is dead.
          2. He is left alone.
        2. Because of his own pain

CONCLUSION:  Joseph gives his brothers the same treatment they gave him.  He falsely accuses them and throws them in prison.  They even recognize that it was because of their unjust treatment of Joseph.  He then sends them home, all but Simeon, with each man’s money in his sack, and a request for Benjamin’s presence in Egypt.