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The Reigns of Hazael and Jehoram

INTRODUCTION: We enter into a time of confusion in the kingdoms of Israel and Judah. Because of their sins, God judged them with defeat at the hand of the Syrians and famine. Yet, they did not return to the Lord. This time, Judah does not escape, for the good king Jehoshaphat had become such good friends with the kingly line of Israel that the families intermarried. This chapter stands as a warning against compromise with the world. However, in the restoration of land to the woman whose son was restored to life, we see that God continues to watch over those who are faithful to Him.

    1. Her Preservation in the Time of Famine (2Kings 8:1-2)
      1. Elishas advice (2 Kings 8:1)
        1. The recipient of the advice - To the woman whose son had been restored to life (2 Kings 4:32-35)
        2. The content of the advice The woman and her household should sojourn in another land because of a coming famine.
      2. The seven year famine from the Lord (2 Kings 8:1)
      3. Her obedience (2 Kings 8:2)
        1. She did after the saying of the man of God.
        2. She sojourned with the Philistines for seven years.
    2. Her Return to the Land of Israel (2 Kings 8:3)
      1. She returned at the end of seven years.
      2. She went to the king to plead for her house and land.
    3. Her Identification by the Servant Gehazi (2 Kings 8:4-5)
      1. The kings audience with Gehazi (2 Kings 8:4)
      2. The kings request for stories of Elisha (2 Kings 8:4; compare Luke 23:8)
      3. Gehazis story of the son brought back to life (2 Kings 8:5)
      4. The womans arrival to plead for her land (2 Kings 8:5)
      5. The womans identification by Gehazi (2 Kings 8:5)
      6. Note: This is one of Gods coincidences that is much more than a coincidence (Psalm 31:15; Proverbs 21:1; Romans 8:28).
    4. Her Recovery of All That Was Hers (2 Kings 8:6)
      1. The appointment of a special officer
      2. The restoration of all that was hers
      3. The restoration of all that was lost
    1. Benhadad Requested Information of Elisha (2 Kings 8:7-10).
      1. The setting (2 Kings 8:7-8)
        1. Elisha came to Damascus (2 Kings 8:7); Note: Benhadad could not force him into Syria with an army (2 Kings 6:13), but Elisha came freely when it was the will of the Lord.
        2. Benhadad was sick (2 Kings 8:7); Note: the one who was a menace because he could tell the future became desired for the same reason.
        3. Benhadad sent Hazael to Elisha (2 Kings 8:8).
      2. The obedience of Hazael (2 Kings 8:9)
        1. He took a present of forty camels burden of good things.
        2. He asked Elisha concerning the recovery of Benhadad.
      3. The answer of Elisha (2 Kings 8:10)
        1. Benhadad will recover of his disease.
        2. Benhadad will surely die.
    2. Elisha Prophesied Concerning Hazael (2 Kings 8:11-13).
      1. The weeping of the prophet (2 Kings 8:11)
        1. He settled his countenance stedfastly; that is, he fought back the tears and kept a straight face.
        2. Until he was ashamed; Note: he knew it was wrong to hide his sorrow.
        3. He wept before Hazael.
      2. The revelation of the cause of weeping (2 Kings 8:12)
        1. At the request of Hazael
        2. Concerning the evil actions of Hazael toward Israel
      3. The denial of Hazael (2 Kings 8:13)
        1. How could he do such a thing?
        2. He will become king of Syria.
    3. Hazael Usurped the Throne of Benhadad (2 Kings 8:14-15).
      1. Hazael reported to Benhadad only of his recovery (2 Kings 8:14).
      2. Hazael took a wet cloth and suffocated Benhadad (2 Kings 8:15).
      3. Hazael reigned in the place of Benhadad (2 Kings 8:15).
  3. THE REIGN OF JEHORAM OVER JUDAH (2 Kings 8:16-24)
    1. Jehoram Became King in Judah (2 Kings 8:16-17).
      1. In the fifth year of Joram king of Israel (2 Kings 8:16)
      2. He began to reign at the age of 32 (2 Kings 8:17).
      3. He reigned in Jerusalem for eight years (2 Kings 8:17).
    2. Jehoram Was Wicked in His Reign (2 Kings 8:18-19).
      1. He walked in the ways of the kings of Israel (2 Kings 8:18).
        1. Though he was of Judah
        2. Because he had married the daughter of Ahab
      2. He did evil in the sight of the Lord (2 Kings 8:18).
      3. Judah was spared (2 Kings 8:19).
        1. For the sake of David the servant of the Lord
        2. Because of Gods promise to give him always a light
    3. Edom Revolted in the Time of Jehoram (2 Kings 8:20-22).
      1. They made a king over themselves (2 Kings 8:20).
      2. Joram defeated them in battle (2 Kings 8:21).
      3. But they revolted anyway (2 Kings 8:22).
      4. And Libnah revolted with them (2 Kings 8:22).
    4. Jehoram (Joram) Completed His Reign in Judah (2 Kings 8:23-24).
  4. THE REIGN OF AHAZIAH OVER JUDAH (2 Kings 8:25-29)
    1. Ahaziah Became King in Judah (2 Kings 8:25-26).
      1. In the twelfth year of Joram of Israel (2 Kings 8:25)
      2. He began to reign at the age of 22 (2 Kings 8:26).
      3. He reigned for one year in Jerusalem (2 Kings 8:26).
    2. Ahaziah Was Wicked in His Reign (2 Kings 8:27).
      1. He walked in the way of the house of Ahab.
      2. He did evil in the sight of the Lord as did Ahab.
      3. He was son-in-law to the house of Ahab; this is a powerful connection.
    3. Ahaziah Fought with Joram Against Syria (2 Kings 8:28-29).
      1. He fought with the son of Ahab against Hazael of Syria (2 Kings 8:28).
      2. He went to see Joram of Israel because he was sick (2 Kings 8:29).

CONCLUSION: The kingdoms have spiritually departed from the Lord. As a result, confusion and judgment have become a constant companion.