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Joshua Takes Charge

INTRODUCTION: Moses is dead. Joshua must accept the fact and take his role as leader of the Israelites. In the first half of this chapter, God gives him his commission and encourages him in the great task he has to perform. In the last half of the chapter, Joshua takes the first steps in leading the Israelites into the land and the people affirm their faithfulness to him.

  1. JOSHUA ACCEPTS HIS CALL (Joshua 1:1-9)
    1. His Commission (Joshua 1:1-2)
      1. The timing of the commission (Joshua 1:1)
      2. The reason for his commission (Joshua 1:2)
        1. The passing of Moses
        2. The need to possess land
    2. His Conquest (Joshua 1:3-4)
      1. Fulfilling a promise given to Moses (Joshua 1:3; Deuteronomy 11:24)
      2. Borders foretold by the Lord (Joshua 1:4)
        1. The wilderness - the southern border (Numbers 34:3-5)
        2. Lebanon - the northern border (Numbers 34:7-9)
        3. The Euphrates the eastern border (Numbers 34:10-12)
        4. The Mediterranean Sea - the western border (Numbers 34:6)
    3. His Confidence (Joshua 1:5-7)
      1. Strengthened by the past (Joshua 1:5)
        1. No man will stand before Joshua.
        2. The Lord will be with Joshua as He was with Moses.
          1. He will not fail Joshua.
          2. He will not forsake Joshua.
      2. Strengthened for the future (Joshua 1:6) Joshua shall divide the land to this people for an inheritance.
      3. Necessary for obedience (Joshua 1:7)
        1. Fear leads to disobedience.
        2. Courage allows for obedience.
        3. Obedience leads to prosperity.
    4. His Communion (Joshua 1:8-9)
      1. In the word (Joshua 1:8)
        1. Beginning with meditation
          1. Day
          2. Night
        2. Meditation leads to obedience.
        3. Obedience leads to success.
      2. With the Lord (Joshua 1:9)
  2. JOSHUA ASSUMES COMMAND (Joshua 1:10-18)
    1. Their Readiness for the Conquest (Joshua 1:10-11)
      1. Joshua gives instructions to the officers (Joshua 1:10).
      2. The instructions for the host (Joshua 1:11)
        1. Prepare victuals.
        2. Within three days they will pass over Jordan.
    2. Their Remembrance of Their Commitments (Joshua 1:12-15)
      1. The commitment of the Lord (Joshua 1:12-13)
        1. To the two-and-a-half tribes (Joshua 1:12)
        2. Concerning the land for the two-and-a-half tribes (Joshua 1:13)
      2. The commitment of the tribes (Joshua 1:14-15)
        1. The wives, little ones, and cattle shall remain in the land on the east side of Jordan (Joshua 1:14).
        2. The men shall pass over before their brethren armed (Joshua 1:14).
        3. When the battles are complete, the two-and-a-half tribes can return to their land (Joshua 1:15).
    3. Their Recognition of Their Captain (Joshua 1:16-18)
      1. Their promise of obedience (Joshua 1:16-17)
        1. All that he commands they will do (Joshua 1:16).
        2. Wherever he sends them, they will go (Joshua 1:16).
        3. The way they hearkened unto Moses will be the way they hearken unto him (Joshua 1:17).
      2. Their promise of judgment (Joshua 1:18)
        1. The rebels will be put to death.
        2. Joshua must remain courageous.

CONCLUSION: God uses leaders and followers. At some point, everyone is one or the other. Joshua shows that great followers make the best leaders. Learn to follow and you will learn to lead.