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The Birth of Samson

INTRODUCTION: Samson is one of the strangest paradoxes in Scripture. He has a miraculous birth, is chosen of God for special service and made a lifelong Nazarite, and is given special strength from God. Yet, he only partially accomplishes his purpose and fails miserably in many ways to keep himself on the track chosen by God. If you are saved, you have the Spirit of God in you. You have tremendous potential for Him. How far are you falling short of what God has for you?

    1. Israel Returns to Their Ways of Evil.
    2. They Are Delivered to the Philistines for Forty Years.
      1. The sixth and last oppression recorded in Judges
      2. The longest oppression forty years
    1. The Situation of Manoah (Judges 13:2)
      1. A certain man of Zorah
        1. Of the family of the Danites
        2. In the older portion of Dan located between the tribes of Judah and Ephraim
      2. His wife was barren (Genesis 11:30).
    2. The Angels Message to Manoahs Wife (Judges 13:3-5)
      1. His promise of a son (Judges 13:3)
        1. Behold now, thou art barren, and bearest not.
        2. But thou shalt conceive, and bear a son.
      2. His instructions to her (Judges 13:4)
        1. No wine or strong drink (Note: Obviously there is a difference between wine and strong drink.)
        2. No eating of any unclean thing
      3. His instructions concerning her son (Judges 13:5)
        1. No razor shall come on his head.
        2. The child shall be a Nazarite unto God from the womb.
        3. He shall begin to deliver Israel. NOTE: He does not fully deliver Israel but only begins to deliver. Judges is still progressively going downhill. The previous judges fully delivered Israel, but Samson will only begin to deliver.
    3. She Recounts the Message to Her Husband (Judges 13:6-7).
      1. A description of the meeting (Judges 13:6)
        1. The angel of the Lord
          1. A man of God with a countenance like the countenance of an angel of God
          2. Very terrible
        2. She does not ask him where he is from.
        3. He does not tell her his name.
      2. The promise of a son who is a lifelong Nazarite (Judges 13:7)
  3. THE ANGEL APPEARS TO MANOAH (Judges 13:8-14)
    1. Manoah Intreats the Lord (Judges 13:8).
      1. He requests a second appearance from the man of God.
      2. He requests teaching on what to do unto the child that shall be born.
    2. The Lord Grants Manoahs Request (Judges 13:9).
      1. The angel comes again to the woman as she sits in the field.
      2. Manoah is not with her.
    3. Manoahs Wife Brings Him to the Angel (Judges 13:10-11).
      1. She makes haste and shows unto her husband that the angel has visited again (Judges 13:10).
      2. Manoah rises, and comes unto the man (Judges 13:11).
      3. He asks if the angel is the same one that came before (Judges 13:11).
      4. The angel confirms his suspicion (Judges 13:11).
    4. The Angel Repeats His Instructions to Manoah (Judges 13:12-14).
      1. Manoah wants further instructions (Judges 13:12).
        1. How shall we order the child?
        2. How shall we do unto him?
      2. The angel says Manoahs wife has already been told (Judges 13:13-14).
    1. Manoah Desires to Feed the Angel (Judges 13:15-16).
      1. He offers to sacrifice a kid (goat) for the angel (Judges 13:15).
      2. The angel refuses to eat with him (Judges 13:16).
      3. The angel suggests a burnt offering to the Lord (Judges 13:16).
      4. Manoah knew not that it was the angel of the Lord (Judges 13:16).
    2. The Angel Refuses to Give His Name (Judges 13:17-18; Genesis 32:29).
      1. Manoah asks the angel of his name (Judges 13:17).
      2. Manoah suggests that he would like to honour the angel when the sayings come to pass (Judges 13:17).
      3. The angel asks Manoah why he would ask his name, seeing it is a secret (Judges 13:18).
    3. The Angel Ascends in the Flame of the Offering (Judges 13:19-20).
      1. Manoah offers a kid with a meat offering (Judges 13:19).
      2. The angel does wondrously (Judges 13:19; cp. Judges 6:21).
      3. The angel ascends in the flame (Judges 13:20).
      4. Manoah and his wife fall on their faces (Judges 13:20).
    4. Manoah Recognizes the Identity of the Angel (Judges 13:21-23).
      1. The angel of the Lord appears no more to Manoah (Judges 13:21).
      2. Then Manoah knew that he was an angel (Judges 13:21).
      3. Manoah fears death (Judges 13:22).
      4. Manoahs wife reasons with him that they shall yet live (Judges 13:23).
  5. MANOAHS WIFE BEARS A SON (Judges 13:24-25)
    1. The Child is Born to Manoah and His Wife (Judges 13:24).
      1. His name is Samson.
      2. The child grows.
      3. The Lord blesses him.
    2. The Spirit of the Lord Begins to Move Him (Judges 13:25).
      1. The Spirit of the Lord begins to move him at times.
      2. In the camp of Dan between Zorah and Eshtaol

CONCLUSION: What a wonderful opportunity! What a chance to serve God! Samson has a miraculous birth. He is a Nazarite (one separated unto God) from the time of his birth. Unfortunately, we know how poorly he uses his opportunities. How about you? God has blessed you in numerous ways. How are you using your opportunities for God?