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The Staying of the Sun

INTRODUCTION: After the trouble with Ai, Israel needed confirmation that the Lord would fight for them when they were right with Him.  This chapter shows God pulling out all the stops to show His support for Israel.

    1. The Leadership of Adonizedek (Joshua 10:1)
      1. King of Jerusalem
      2. Name means lord of righteousness
        1. Compare to Melchizedek which means King of righteousness (Hebrews 7:1-2).
        2. Satans ministers come as ministers of righteousness (2 Corinthians 11:13-15).
      3. Motivated by fear (Joshua 10:2)
    2. The Loss of Gibeon (Joshua 10:1-2)
      1. Gibeon made peace with Israel (Joshua 10:1).
      2. Gibeon could pose a threat in battle (Joshua 10:2).
        1. It was a great city.
        2. It was as one of the royal cities.
        3. It was greater than Ai.
        4. It was full of mighty men.
    3. The United Forces (Joshua 10:3-5)
      1. Adonizedek sends for help (Joshua 10:3).
        1. From Hoham the king of Hebron
        2. From Piram the king of Jarmuth
        3. From Japhia the king of Lachish
        4. From Debir the king of Eglon
      2. Adonizedeks concern (Joshua 10:4)
        1. Gibeon must be destroyed.
        2. They have made peace with Joshua and Israel.
      3. The gathering against Israel (Joshua 10:5)
        1. The five kings of the Amorites gather; compare with the five kings of the cities of the plain Sodom, Gomorrah, etc. (Genesis 14:2-3).
        2. They make war against Gibeon.
    1. Joshua Comes to the Aid of the Gibeonites (Joshua 10:6-7).
      1. The men of Gibeon send to Joshua for help (Joshua 10:6).
      2. Joshua comes with the army of Israel (Joshua 10:7).
    2. The Lord Wins the Battle for the Israelites (Joshua 10:8-11).
      1. The Lord assures Joshua of victory (Joshua 10:8).
      2. Joshua transports his troops by night (Joshua 10:9).
      3. The Lord wins the battle for Israel (Joshua 10:10-11).
        1. He discomfits the Amorites (Joshua 10:10).
        2. The enemy flees from Israel towards Bethhoron (Joshua 10:11).
        3. The Lord sends hailstones to slay them (Joshua 10:11).
    3. The Sun Stood Still So That the Victory Might Be Complete (Joshua 10:12-14).
      1. Joshua prays for the sun and moon to stand still (Joshua 10:12).
        1. Joshua calls for the sun to stand still upon Gibeon.
        2. Joshua calls for the moon to stand still in the valley of Ajalon.
      2. The prayer was answered for about a whole day (Joshua 10:13).
      3. There was no day like that before or after (Joshua 10:14).
      4. NOTE:  Many Bible-deniers have scoffed at this miracle because (according to them) it is not possible.  But that is the very essence of what a miracle is (Luke 18:27).
      5. Compare this with the going back of the shadow on the sundial by ten degrees (2 Kings 20:8-11).
  3. JOSHUA SLAYS THE FIVE KINGS (Joshua 10:15-27)
    1. The Five Kings Are Captured (Joshua 10:15-20).
      1. Joshua and the Israelites return to Gilgal (Joshua 10:15).
      2. The five kings hide in a cave at Makkedah (Joshua 10:16).
      3. Further developments in the battle (Joshua 10:17-19)
        1. Joshua receives news of the whereabouts of the kings (Joshua 10:17).
        2. Joshua instructs some to cover the mouth of the cave (Joshua 10:18).
        3. Others are instructed to pursue the enemies (Joshua 10:19).
      4. Israel makes an end of the slaughter (Joshua 10:20).
    2. The Five Kings Are Displayed (Joshua 10:21-25).
      1. Israel returns to the camp in peace (Joshua 10:21).
      2. The kings are brought out of the cave (Joshua 10:22-23).
      3. Joshua has the captains put their feet on their necks (Joshua 10:24).
      4. This is done as a symbol to the Israelites of what would happen to all of their enemies (Joshua 10:25).
    3. The Five Kings Are Killed (Joshua 10:26-27).
      1. The kings are executed (Joshua 10:26).
        1. The kings are smitten.
        2. The kings are slain.
        3. The kings are hanged on five trees.
        4. The kings are left until the evening.
      2. The kings are disposed of (Joshua 10:27).
        1. The kings are removed from the trees at the going down of the sun.
        2. The bodies are cast into the cave where they had been hidden.
        3. Great stones are placed at the mouth of the cave.
    1. Makkedah (Joshua 10:28)
    2. Libnah (Joshua 10:29-30)
    3. Lachish (Joshua 10:31-33)
      1. Joshua passed unto Lachish and encamped against it (Joshua 10:31).
      2. Joshua smote Lachish with the edge of the sword (Joshua 10:32).
      3. Horam king of Gezer came to the aid of Lachish (Joshua 10:33).
      4. Joshua smote the king of Gezer and his people (Joshua 10:33).
    4. Eglon (Joshua 10:34-35)
    5. Hebron (Joshua 10:36-37)
    6. Debir (Joshua 10:38-39)
    7. From Kadeshbarnea to Gaza (Joshua 10:40-43)
      1. Much land conquered (Joshua 10:40-42)
        1. All the country of the hills (Joshua 10:40)
        2. All the country of the south (Joshua 10:40)
        3. All the country of the vale (Joshua 10:40)
        4. All the country of the springs (Joshua 10:40)
        5. From Kadeshbarnea unto Gaza (Joshua 10:41)
        6. All the country of Goshen (Joshua 10:41)
      2. One great war (Joshua 10:42)
      3. The Israelites return to Gilgal (Joshua 10:43).

CONCLUSION: Remember, the battle is the Lord’s.