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The Lovingkindness of Our Lord

INTRODUCTION: This psalm describes the ups and downs of life. Some of our downs are judgment for sin, but some are simply part of life in a fallen world. However, the trials of life tend to make us look up to the Lord for help. In this psalm, the Lord consistently comes to the aid of those who cry unto Him. We are reminded over and over that this should cause us to praise Him for His goodness and for His wonderful works.

The word lovingkindness in the singular or plural form is found 30 times in scripture. The word is not easily defined or understood. Psalm 107 describes the troubles of man and the interventions of God. Two verses are repeated four times each serving as dividers for the chapter. The verses are “Then they cried unto the LORD in their trouble, and he delivered them out of their distresses,” and “Oh that men would praise the LORD for his goodness, and for his wonderful works to the children of men!” This psalm may challenge our idea of lovingkindness, but it will show us great truths concerning our God.

    1. The Blessings (Psalm 107:1-3)
      1. Enduring mercy (Psalm 107:1)
      2. Redemption from the hand of the enemy (Psalm 107:2)
      3. Sanctification gathered from out of the lands (Psalm 107:3)
    2. The Trials (Psalm 107:4-5)
      1. The works of men (Psalm 107:4)
        1. They wandered in the wilderness in a solitary way.
        2. They found no city to dwell in.
      2. The results of mans works (Psalm 107:5)
        1. Hungry and thirsty
        2. Their soul fainted in them.
    3. The Deliverance (Psalm 107:6-7)
      1. The cry of the people (Psalm 107:6)
      2. The response of the Lord (Psalm 107:6-7)
        1. He delivered them out of their distresses (Psalm 107:6).
        2. He led them forth by the right way (Psalm 107:7).
    4. The Plea (Psalm 107:8-9)
      1. Praise for who God is (Psalm 107:8)
      2. Praise for what God does (Psalm 107:8-9)
        1. He satisfieth the longing soul (Psalm 107:9).
        2. He filleth the hungry soul with goodness (Psalm 107:9).
    1. The Trials (Psalm 107:10-12)
      1. The works of men (Psalm 107:10-11)
        1. They sit in darkness and in the shadow of death (Psalm 107:10).
        2. They are bound in affliction and iron (Psalm 107:10).
        3. Because they rebelled against the words of God (Psalm 107:11)
        4. They contemned the counsel of the most High (Psalm 107:11).
      2. The results of mans works (Psalm 107:12)
        1. The Lord brought down their heart with labour.
        2. They fell down.
        3. There was none to help.
    2. The Deliverance (Psalm 107:13-14)
      1. The cry of the people (Psalm 107:13)
      2. The response of the Lord (Psalm 107:13-14)
        1. He saved them out of their distresses (Psalm 107:13).
        2. He brought them out of darkness and the shadow of death (Psalm 107:14).
        3. He brake their bands in sunder (Psalm 107:14).
    3. The Plea (Psalm 107:15-16)
      1. Praise for who God is (Psalm 107:15)
      2. Praise for what God does (Psalm 107:15-16)
        1. He hath broken the gates of brass (Psalm 107:16).
        2. He hath cut the bars of iron in sunder (Psalm 107:16).
    1. The Trials (Psalm 107:17-18)
      1. The works of men (Psalm 107:17)
        1. They transgressed.
        2. They committed iniquity.
      2. The results of mans works (Psalm 107:17-18)
        1. The fools are afflicted (Psalm 107:17).
        2. Their soul abhorreth all manner of meat (Psalm 107:18).
        3. They draw near unto the gates of death (Psalm 107:18).
    2. The Deliverance (Psalm 107:19-20)
      1. The cry of the people (Psalm 107:19)
      2. The response of the Lord (Psalm 107:19-20)
        1. He saveth them out of their distresses (Psalm 107:19).
        2. He sent His word, and healed them (Psalm 107:20).
        3. He delivered them from their destructions (Psalm 107:20).
    3. The Plea (Psalm 107:21-22)
      1. Praise for who God is (Psalm 107:21)
      2. Praise for what God does (Psalm 107:21-22)
        1. Let the people sacrifice the sacrifices of thanksgiving (Psalm 107:22; Hebrews 13:15).
        2. Let the people declare His works with rejoicing (Psalm 107:22).
    1. The Trials (Psalm 107:23-27)
      1. The works of men (Psalm 107:23)
        1. They go down to the sea in ships.
        2. They do business in great waters.
      2. The results of mans works (Psalm 107:24-27)
        1. They see the Lords wonders in the deep (Psalm 107:24).
        2. The Lord commandeth and raiseth the stormy wind, lifting up the waves thereof (Psalm 107:25).
        3. Waves mount up to heaven and go again to the depths (Psalm 107:26).
        4. The soul of the people is melted because of trouble (Psalm 107:26).
        5. The people are at their wits end (Psalm 107:27).
    2. The Deliverance (Psalm 107:28-30)
      1. The cry of the people (Psalm 107:28)
      2. The response of the Lord (Psalm 107:28-30)
        1. He bringeth them out of their distresses (Psalm 107:28).
        2. He maketh the storm a calm (Psalm 107:29).
        3. He bringeth them unto their desired haven (Psalm 107:30).
    3. The Plea (Psalm 107:31-32)
      1. Praise for who God is (Psalm 107:31)
      2. Praise for what God does (Psalm 107:31-32)
        1. Let them exalt Him in the congregation of the people (Psalm 107:32).
        2. Let them praise Him in the assembly of the elders (Psalm 107:32).
    1. The Trials and Blessings (Psalm 107:33-39)
      1. The trials of the wicked (Psalm 107:33-34)
        1. Rivers are turned into a wilderness (Psalm 107:33).
        2. Watersprings are turned into dry ground (Psalm 107:33).
        3. A fruitful land is turned into barrenness (Psalm 107:34).
      2. The trials of the poor (Psalm 107:35-39)
        1. Turning trials into blessings (Psalm 107:35-38)
          1. Wilderness is turned into standing water (Psalm 107:35).
          2. Dry ground is turned into watersprings (Psalm 107:35).
          3. There He maketh the hungry to dwell (Psalm 107:36-38).
            1. That they may prepare a city for habitation (Psalm 107:36)
            2. That they may sow fields, and plant vineyards (Psalm 107:37)
            3. That they may multiply greatly (Psalm 107:38)
        2. The departure of blessings and return of trials (Psalm 107:39)
          1. They are minished.
          2. They are brought low through oppression, affliction, and sorrow.
    2. The Deliverance (Psalm 107:40-41)
      1. Deliverance to judgment (Psalm 107:40)
        1. He poureth contempt upon princes.
        2. He causeth them to wander in the wilderness.
      2. Deliverance from judgment (Psalm 107:41)
        1. He setteth the poor on high from affliction.
        2. He maketh him families like a flock.
    3. The Plea (Psalm 107:42)
      1. The rejoicing of the righteous
      2. The silence of the wicked
    1. The Call for Wisdom
    2. The Understanding of Lovingkindness

CONCLUSION: The lovingkindness of the Lord is not what we would expect it to be. It is God’s working in the events of life to bring us to dependence upon and fellowship with Him. It is His working to send you into a trial, so you might call upon Him, so He can deliver you and cause you to praise Him for doing so.