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Lessons in Wisdom

INTRODUCTION:  This chapter has many lists of thing that make us think. Many of these lists have practical or spiritual applications. Keep your spiritual eyes open for these applications.

  1. THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HOLY (Proverbs 30:1-6)
    1. The Words of Agur the Son of Jakeh (Proverbs 30:1-3); only time he is mentioned in the Bible
      1. Words spoken in humility (Proverbs 30:2)
        1. More brutish than any man
        2. Without the understanding of a man
      2. Words spoken without scholarship (Proverbs 30:3)
        1. Not the wisdom that is learned in school
        2. Not the knowledge of the holy
    2. The Words of the Son of God (Proverbs 30:4-6)
      1. The authority of the Son to speak (Proverbs 30:4)
        1. His descending from heaven (Ephesians 4:8-10)
        2. His ascending into heaven
        3. His power over wind (Mark 4:38-41)
        4. His power over water
        5. His creation of the earth (John 1:1-3; Colossians 1:16)
        6. His Fathers name (Psalm 113:1-3)
        7. His own name (Philippians 2:9-11)
      2. The authority of the words of God (Proverbs 30:5-6)
        1. The word of God is pure (Proverbs 30:5)
        2. The words of God are complete (Proverbs 30:6; Psalm 12:6-7)
  2. THE DANGER OF EXTREMES (Proverbs 30:7-10)
    1. The Two Things Desired (Proverbs 30:7-9)
      1. Deliverance from poverty
        1. That leads to lies (Proverbs 30:8)
        2. That causes to steal (Proverbs 30:9)
        3. That causes to take the name of the Lord in vain (Proverbs 30:9)
      2. Deliverance from riches
        1. That lead to vanity (Proverbs 30:8)
        2. That causes men to deny God (Proverbs 30:9)
      3. Feed me with food convenient for me (Proverbs 30:8)
    2. Dealing With Another Mans Servant (Proverbs 30:10)
      1. Accuse him not to his master (Romans 14:4)
      2. Avoid being found guilty yourself
  3. THE WICKED GENERATIONS (Proverbs 30:11-14)
    1. The Generation That Curses Father and Mother (Proverbs 30:11; Proverbs 20:20)
    2. The Generation Pure in Their Own Eyes (Proverbs 30:12)
    3. The Generation with their Eyelids Lifted Up (Proverbs 30:13; Proverbs 21:4)
    4. The Generation That Devours the Poor and Needy (Proverbs 30:14)
    1. The Four Things That are Never Satisfied (Proverbs 30:15-16); APPLICATION: These things can be given as reasons for taking the gospel to the world.
      1. The Victorious Grave (Proverbs 30:16)
      2. The Barren Womb (Proverbs 30:16)
      3. The Thirsty Land (Proverbs 30:16)
      4. The Unquenched Fire (Proverbs 30:16)
    2. The Son That Mocks His Parents (Proverbs 30:17)
  5. THE THINGS THAT ARE TOO WONDERFUL (Proverbs 30:18-19); referring to things that are too hard to know
    1. The Way of an Eagle in the Air Atmosphere
    2. The Way of a Serpent on a Rock Lithosphere
    3. The Way of a Ship in the Sea Hydrosphere
    4. The Way of a Man with a Maid
  6. THE THINGS THE EARTH CANNOT BEAR (Proverbs 30:20-23)
    1. The Way of an Adulterous Woman (Proverbs 30:20)
      1. She commits her sin
      2. She wipes her mouth
      3. She claims to have done nothing wrong
    2. The Four Things the Earth Cannot Bear (Proverbs 30:21-23)
      1. A servant when he reigns (Proverbs 30:22)
      2. A fool when he is filled (Proverbs 30:22)
      3. An odious woman when she is married (Proverbs 30:23)
      4. An handmaid that is heir (Proverbs 30:23)
    1. The Ants That Practice Preparation (Proverbs 30:25)
    2. The Conies That Choose a Strong Foundation (Proverbs 30:26); conies are rabbit-like animals that live among the rocks.
    3. The Locusts That Use Organization (Proverbs 30:27)
    4. The Spider That Shows Determination (Proverbs 30:28)
  8. THE THINGS THAT ARE COMELY IN GOING (Proverbs 30:29-31)
    1. A Lion That Turns Not Away (Proverbs 30:30)
    2. A Greyhound (Proverbs 30:31)
    3. An He Goat (Proverbs 30:31)
    4. A King Against Whom There is No Rising (Proverbs 30:31)
  9. THE CONTROL OF THE TONGUE (Proverbs 30:32-33)
    1. Speak Not the Evil you Think (Proverbs 30:32)
    2. Do Not Force the Issue in Wrath (Proverbs 30:33)