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Stealing Esau's Blessing

INTRODUCTION:  This is a story in which no one is operating from pure motives.  Isaac is feeding his flesh; Esau is carnally minded; Rebekah and Jacob are in the midst of deceit.  Yet, in it all, God brings the results to His own end.  Each individual in this story pays a price for his or her lack of spiritual direction.  We need to make sure of our motives and follow the Lord in all things.

  1. ISAAC SENDS ESAU FOR VENISON (Genesis 27:1-5)
    1. The Time of Isaacs Life (Genesis 27:1-2)
      1. He is old (Genesis 27:1).
      2. He is thinking upon his time of death (Genesis 27:2).
    2. Isaacs Request of Esau (Genesis 27:3-4)
      1. Isaac asks Esau to take him some venison (Genesis 27:3-4).
        1. Esaus hunting instruments (Genesis 27:3)
          1. Weapons
          2. Quiver
          3. Bow
        2. Isaacs love for the venison such as I love (Genesis 27:4)
      2. Isaac desires to bless Esau before his death (Genesis 27:4).
    3. Rebekah Hears the Conversation (Genesis 27:5).
    1. Rebekahs Instructions for Jacob (Genesis 27:6-10)
      1. Rebekah is determined that Gods will be done, but she goes about to make it happen in her own wisdom and strength.
        1. Since God had promised the ascendancy of Jacob (Genesis 25:23), He would have brought it about no matter what.
        2. Rebekah cannot wait on the Lord (Psalm 27:14; Isaiah 40:31), so she goes about to manipulate events, and in the process loses the presence of her son (Genesis 28:5).
      2. Rebekah tells Jacob of Esaus blessing (Genesis 27:6-7).
      3. Rebekah instructs Jacob to play the part of Esau (Genesis 27:8-10).
        1. Isaac was to go to the flock and fetch two good kids of the goats (Genesis 27:9).
        2. Isaac was to bring the meat to his father so that he would receive the blessing in lieu of Esau (Genesis 27:10).
    2. Jacobs Concern for His Deceit (Genesis 27:11-12)
      1. Jacob and Esaus differences (Genesis 27:11)
        1. Esau was a hairy man.
        2. Jacob was a smooth man.
      2. Jacobs concern for Isaac discovering his deceit (Genesis 27:12)
        1. Peradventure Isaac would feel of Jacob.
        2. Jacob would be discovered as a deceiver.
        3. Jacob would receive a curse instead of a blessing.
    3. Rebekahs Plan to Deceive (Genesis 27:13-17)
      1. Rebekah settles Jacobs fear (Genesis 27:13.
      2. Jacob obeys his mothers plan (Genesis 27:14).
      3. Rebekah changes Jacob to appear as Esau (Genesis 27:15-16).
        1. Rebekah took Esaus clothing and placed it upon Jacob (Genesis 27:15).
        2. Rebekah put the skins of the kids upon Jacobs hands and neck (Genesis 27:16).
      4. Rebekah provides Jacob with the savoury meat and bread (Genesis 27:17).
    1. The Lies of Jacob (Genesis 27:18-19)
      1. Isaac asks Jacob of his identity (Genesis 27:18).
      2. Jacob tells Isaac that he is Esau and that he has done what his father asked of him (Genesis 27:19).
    2. The Lack of Discernment by Isaac (Genesis 27:20-27)
      1. Isaacs concerns (Genesis 27:20-22)
        1. The speedy hunt (Genesis 27:20)
          1. Isaacs concern for the speedy hunt (Genesis 27:20)
          2. Jacobs deception concerning the Lords blessing (Genesis 27:20)
        2. The voice (Genesis 27:21-22)
          1. Isaac asks Jacob to come near so that he can feel of him (Genesis 27:21).
          2. Isaac felt of Jacob and determined that he was Esau even though his voice was that of Jacob (Genesis 27:22).
      2. Isaacs inability to discern the deception (Genesis 27:23-27)
        1. Isaacs reliance upon feeling over the sound of the voice (Genesis 27:23-24)
          1. NOTE:  This ought to be a lesson to the people of God today.  We have the voice of the Lord in His word.  We ought to always trust the sound of His voice over our own ability to feel.
        2. Isaac calls for Jacob to bring him the savoury meat (Genesis 27:25).
        3. Isaac calls for Jacob to come near again (Genesis 27:26-27).
          1. Isaac asks Jacob to kiss him (Genesis 27:26).
          2. Isaac smells of Jacobs clothing (Genesis 27:27).
            1. Isaac smells the field and is deceived into believing once again that this is Esau.
            2. Isaac is deceived by the smell into believing that God has blessed the labours of his son.
    3. The Blessing Given to Jacob (Genesis 27:28-29)
      1. The blessing of provision (Genesis 27:28)
        1. The dew of heaven
        2. The fatness of the earth
        3. Plenty of corn and wine
      2. The blessing of servants (Genesis 27:29)
        1. Let people serve thee.
        2. Let nations bow down to thee.
        3. Be lord over thy brethren.
        4. Let thy mothers sons bow down to thee.
      3. Blessings or curses for others depending upon their treatment of Jacob (Genesis 27:29)
    1. The Arrival of Esau (Genesis 27:30-32)
      1. Esau arrives directly after Jacob departs (Genesis 27:30).
      2. Esau brought the savoury meat and asked his father to arise and eat (Genesis 27:31).
      3. Isaac asks Esau of his identity (Genesis 27:32).
    2. The Fear of Isaac (Genesis 27:33)
      1. Isaac trembled very exceedingly.
      2. Isaac realizes he has been deceived.
    3. The Anger of Esau (Genesis 27:34-36)
      1. Esau wept bitterly (Genesis 27:34).
      2. Esau asks his father for his blessing (Genesis 27:34).
      3. Isaac tells Esau that Jacob has taken his blessing (Genesis 27:35).
      4. Esau vents concerning Jacob (Genesis 27:36).
        1. Jacob had taken his birthright.
        2. Jacob now had his blessing.
        3. The name Jacob means supplanter.
    4. The Request of Esau for Another Blessing (Genesis 27:36-38)
      1. Esau asks Isaac if there is another blessing for him (Genesis 27:36).
      2. Isaac tells Esau of the blessing he has given to Jacob (Genesis 27:37).
      3. Esau begs Isaac for even one blessing that he could receive (Genesis 27:38).
    5. Isaac Gives a Blessing to Esau (Genesis 27:39-40).
      1. Esaus blessing concerning land (Genesis 27:39)
        1. Thy dwelling shall be of the fatness of the earth.
        2. Thy dwelling shall be of the dew of heaven.
      2. Esaus blessing concerning life (Genesis 27:40)
        1. By the sword Esau will live and serve his brother.
        2. One day he would break Jacobs yoke from his neck.
  5. JACOB FLEES FROM ESAUS WRATH (Genesis 27:41-46)
    1. Esaus Hatred for Jacob (Genesis 27:41)
      1. Esau hated Jacob because of the blessing.
      2. Esau intended to kill Jacob at the end of the mourning period for Isaac.
    2. Rebekahs Instructions for Jacob (Genesis 27:42-45)
      1. Esaus words concerning Jacob were told to Rebekah (Genesis 27:42).
      2. Rebekah sent for Jacob and informed him of Esaus plans to kill him (Genesis 27:42).
      3. Rebekah tells Jacob to flee to Labans house and stay there until Esaus fury is turned away (Genesis 27:43-45).
    3. Rebekahs Plea to Isaac (Genesis 27:46)
      1. Rebekah appeals to fear concerning the daughters of Heth.
      2. Rebekah suggests to Isaac that her life would be evil if her son marries a daughter of the children of Heth.

CONCLUSION:  Are you serving God in the spirit or in the flesh?  What were the prices paid by the individuals in this story for going their own way?  How can we avoid getting ourselves in the same situation?