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The Overthrow of Athaliah

INTRODUCTION: This chapter describes a satanic attempt to destroy the Messianic line of David. If it were not for one baby (Joash) hidden in the temple, it might have succeeded. But God always has a way of foiling the designs of the Devil. What an exciting story!

    1. The Destruction of the Royal Seed (2 Kings 11:1)
      1. Athaliah saw that Ahaziah her son was dead.
      2. Athaliah killed all of the royal seed.
    2. The Rescue of the Infant Joash (2 Kings 11:2)
      1. Jehosheba rescued Joash.
        1. The daughter of Joram and sister of Ahaziah
        2. She stole Joash from among the kings sons that were slain.
      2. She hid Joash from Athaliah.
        1. With his nurse
        2. In the bedchamber
    3. The Six-Year Reign of Athaliah (2 Kings 11:3)
      1. Joash remained hidden in the house of the Lord for six years.
      2. Athaliah reigned over the land of Judah.
    1. Jehoiada Made a Covenant with the Captains (2 Kings 11:4).
      1. He sent for rulers and captains and their guard.
        1. In the seventh year of Athaliahs reign
        2. To bring them to the house of the Lord
      2. He made a covenant with them.
        1. He took an oath of them.
        2. He showed them the kings son.
    2. Jehoiada Gave Instructions to the Rulers, Captains and Guards (2 Kings 11:5-8).
      1. He divided them into parts (2 Kings 11:5-6).
        1. A third to watch the kings house (2 Kings 11:5)
        2. A third to be at the gate of Sur (2 Kings 11:6)
        3. A third to be at the gate behind the guard (2 Kings 11:6)
      2. He gave them watch over the king (2 Kings 11:7-8).
        1. Two parts to keep watch about the king (2 Kings 11:7)
        2. Keeping watch over the king (2 Kings 11:8)
          1. Compass the king round about.
          2. Every man with his weapons in his hand
          3. Slaying all who come within range
          4. Staying with the king as he goes out and comes in
    3. The Captains Did As They Were Commanded (2 Kings 11:9-11).
      1. They arranged to have a double guard present (2 Kings 11:9).
        1. Those that were to leave
        2. Those that were to come
      2. They were given shields and spears (2 Kings 11:10).
        1. That belonged to David
        2. That were in the house of the Lord
      3. They stood every man in his place (2 Kings 11:11).
        1. With his weapons in his hands
        2. Round about the king
        3. From the right corner to the left corner
        4. By the altar and the temple
    4. Jehoiada Made Joash King of Judah (2 Kings 11:12).
      1. They brought him forth.
      2. They put the crown on him.
      3. They gave him the testimony (see Deuteronomy 17:18).
      4. They made him king.
      5. They anointed him.
      6. They clapped their hands.
      7. They said, God save the king.
    1. Athaliah Discovered the Crowning of Joash (2 Kings 11:13-14).
      1. Athaliah heard the noise of the people (2 Kings 11:13).
      2. She came to the people into the temple (2 Kings 11:13).
      3. She beheld the king in the temple (2 Kings 11:14).
        1. He stood by a pillar as the manner was.
        2. The princes and trumpeters stood by the king.
        3. All the people of the land rejoiced.
        4. The trumpeters blew their trumpets.
      4. Athaliah reacted to what she saw (2 Kings 11:14).
        1. She rent her clothes.
        2. She cried, Treason, Treason.
    2. The Captains Put Down the Reign of Athaliah (2 Kings 11:15-16).
      1. The command of Jehoiada (2 Kings 11:15)
        1. Follow her outside the ranges. The temple was not to be a place of bloodshed. It was to be a house of prayer (Isaiah 56:7).
        2. Kill her with the sword.
      2. The obedience of the captains (2 Kings 11:16)
        1. She went by the way of the horses.
        2. They laid hands on her and slew her.
    1. Jehoiada Made a Covenant for the New Reign (2 Kings 11:17).
      1. The participants in the covenant
        1. The Lord
        2. The king
        3. The people
      2. The purpose of the covenant
        1. That they should be the Lords people
        2. That the people would be the kings people
    2. The People Destroyed the Worship of Baal (2 Kings 11:18).
      1. They destroyed the house of Baal.
      2. They destroyed the altars and images of Baal.
      3. They slew Mattan the priest of Baal.
      4. Jehoiada appointed officers over the house of the Lord.
    3. The People Put Joash on the Throne of Judah (2 Kings 11:19-21).
      1. Jehoiada put Joash on the throne of the kings (2 Kings 11:19).
      2. All the people of the land rejoiced (2 Kings 11:20).
      3. The city of Jerusalem was in quiet (2 Kings 11:20).
      4. Athaliah was slain beside the kings house (2 Kings 11:20).
      5. Jehoash (Joash) began to reign at the age of seven (2 Kings 11:21).

CONCLUSION: God preserved His chosen seed because He promised to do so. He will always preserve His line and His children.