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The Backbiting Tongue - Psalm 15:1-3

The Backbiting Tongue - Psalm 15:1-3 


When we think of biting something, we think of doing so with our teeth; but backbiting is a work of the tongue. Backbiting is the act of saying something about someone with the intention of harming them personally. In our passage, we learn that backbiting is detestable to the Lord; so much so, that David said the backbiter would not abide in the Lord’s tabernacle. Our tongue is a dangerous weapon that is often used of the Devil to harm others. According to James 3, the tongue kindles a great fire (James 3:5) and is a world of iniquity (James 3:6). The old phrase "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me" is unscriptural. The Bible says that our tongue is "full of deadly poison" (James 3:8). Backbiting wounds its victims!


  • (For smaller children) Backbiting is saying mean things about a person while the person is not present. By doing this, we try to make ourselves look good and want others to feel unhappy with the person about whom we are talking.
  • Do you speak ill of people when speaking to others? Do you say things that could harm them personally or hurt their testimony? Are the things that you say needful or unnecessary?
  • Have you ever had anybody say things about you that were true, but were unnecessary and brought harm to you? How did you feel when they said those things? Should this cause you to think before doing the same?


  • Ask the Lord to help you use wisdom when speaking of others.
  • Ask God to keep you from the sin of backbiting others.


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