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The Word of God Compared to a Hammer

Is not my word like as a fire? saith the LORD; and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?  Jeremiah 23:29
A Hammer is a fit instrument to break rocks, and beat stones in pieces The Word of God is prepared by the Almighty, a fit means to break in pieces the stony, and rocky hearts of sinners.
A Hammer can do nothing of itself without the hand that uses it. The Word of God cannot of itself break in pieces the sinner’s heart:  God must use it by the hand of the Spirit, if ever it accomplish that for which he sent it.
According to the strength, design, and wisdom of the workman, a Hammer doth effect this or that. So according to the design, wisdom, and strength the Holy Ghost is please to put forth upon the heart of a sinner, is the nature of the work that is effected or accomplished thereby.
A Hammer is not only a fit instrument to break things in pieces withal; but also to drive home nails, and to clench and fasten them also. So the Word of God in the hand of the Spirit is very useful to drive home and fasten (1.) the nails of conviction:  (2.) To drive home and fasten precepts; (3.) To drive home and fasten promises.  God is the great Master of assemblies, who fastens the words of the wise as goads and nails.  (Ecclesiastes 12:11)


  1. Examine Yourselves:  have you experienced the word to be like a hammer?
    1. Have you been broken in pieces by it?  Have you been under grief and trouble for your sins?
    2. Are you broken off from your sins?
    3. Are your hearts soft?
    4. Hath the word and Spirit of God fastened convictions so upon you, that you cannot get free of them?  Do they abide like a nail in a sure place?  Have the precepts of God in like manner been drove home, that you cannot rest till you have submitted to them?  Have promises been so fastened, as that you do believe, and stedfastly apply them to your own souls?
  2. If you would have the word of God break your hard and rocky hearts, then,
    1. Consider the severity of it, touching the threatenings thereof, Galatians 3:10, Mark 16:16, Luke 13:5
    2. Consider what hath been executed upon such who break the word.
      1. Adam
      2. The old world
      3. Korah and his company
      4. Those who broke Moses law (Hebrews 10:28)
    3. Consider the truth of the word (Matthew 5:18, Job 36:17, Luke 21:22)
    4. The power and authority of the word.
    5. The torment of the damned
    6. Read often, and consider the sufferings of Christ
    7. Cry to God that he would be pleased to take the hammer of the word into the hand of the Spirit, and smite your rocky hearts.