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The World Compared to a Wilderness

 “Who is this that cometh out of the Wilderness, leaning upon her beloved?” Song of Solomon 3:6, and Song of Solomon 8:5
  1. Metaphorically, it is taken sometimes for affliction, Hosea 2:14, Revelation 12.
  2. For this World, and so understood generally by expositors in this and other places, for the present state, ways, worships, and pollutions of the World.


  1. A Wilderness is commonly a waste, wild, and barren place, some of which are of a vast bigness:  this World is of a vast bigness, and very barren of grace and holiness.
  2. A wilderness abounds with briars and thorns:  so doth the World with wicked and ungodly men, who are compared to thorns and briars.
  3. In a Wilderness are many wild and devouring beasts, so that it is dangerous to dwell in it, or pass through it:  so this World abounds with cruel and unmerciful men, who are called wolves, lions, bears, dogs, dragons, by which means Gods people are always exposed to great trouble and danger, whilst they remain therein.
  4. In a Wilderness a man may soon lose his way, and wander up and down:  so whilst men abide in this World, they are subject to go astray, and wander from the path of peace and righteousness, and therefore have great need of a guide.
  5. In a Wilderness commonly grow trees of divers sorts, some good and some evil:  so in the World are men good and bad, righteous and wicked.
  6. In a howling Wilderness a wall of fire is exceeding necessary to preserve from wild and ravenous beasts:  God upon this account is said to be a wall of fire to his people, whilst they remain in this World, among the sons of Belial. (Zechariah 2:5)
  7. In a Wilderness there is no tilling, sewing, nor planting:  so in the common field of this World there grows little or nothing, but what the carnal and natural hearts of sinners bring forth. 
  8. A Wilderness is a solitary and dolesome place:  so is this World to a godly man.

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