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Communication Begins in the Heart - Psalm 4:4

Communication Begins in the Heart - Psalm 4:4 


It is imperative that a man learn what is in his heart. The Bible identifies his heart as a liar and a deceiver (Jeremiah 17:9). A man cannot afford to leave off communication with his heart because he needs to find the truth of what lies inside. Many fail to commune with their own heart because they fear what wicked things might be discovered. The psalmist was so concerned about this communication that he sought God’s help in searching his heart to find out what was there (Psalm 139:23-24). To some, the idea of communing with one’s own heart might seem absurd, but it is scriptural (see Psalm 77:6; Psalm 4:4). In fact, this communication aids in every other communication. 


  • (For smaller children) God had forgiven David of many things, including murder. When Absalom murdered Amnon, he fled for three years (2 Samuel 13:37-39). When David said he could come home, David waited to see him for two more years (2 Samuel 14:1, 21-24, 28).
  • What is in your heart? Are you bitter? Are you envious of the wicked? Why is it important that you be able to commune with your own heart?
  • What happens when we cease to communicate with our own hearts? How does that allow the heart to convince us that everything is alright when in reality it is not?


  • Ask God to teach you to commune with your own heart.
  • Ask the Lord to unveil the wickedness of your heart.


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