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Encouraged by his own Sermon

The sermons of Charles Spurgeon went all over the world and were often preached by other preachers. “One of the most beautiful and positive incidents of the plagiarism of Spurgeon occurred in Charles’ own experience. As has been noted, Spurgeon at times fell into despondency and depression. His depression would even run so deep on occasion that he would begin to question his own relationship to God, and if he truly had been saved. Once, in such a state, he walked into a small chapel to spend an hour in worship with the people, unknown to the congregation and to the preacher as well. In the grace of God, the pastor preached one of Spurgeon’s sermons on the assurance of faith. Spurgeon, deeply and profoundly touched, said that he ‘made my handkerchief wet with my tears’ as God spoke to him through the message and gave him the full assurance of faith.

“When the service concluded, Charles went to the pastor and expressed how profoundly grateful he was for the message and how it had touched his life. The pastor asked who he might be. One can imagine the embarrassment when he found out that Charles Haddon Spurgeon was the visitor. As Charles expressed it, the pastor ‘turned all manner of colors.’ The good preacher said, very sheepishly, ‘Oh, Mr. Spurgeon, that was your sermon.’ Spurgeon in his typical gracious and Christlike demeanor replied, ‘Yes, I know, but wasn’t it gracious of the Lord to feed me with the food that I had prepared for others.’