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Faith Defined as Commitment

"O fools, and slow of heart to believe…" (Luke 24:25). Of this verse, Oswald Chambers said, "To believe is literally to commit. Belief is a moral act, and Jesus makes an enormous demand of a man when He asks him to believe in Him. To be ‘a believer in Jesus’ means to bank our confidence in Him, to stake our soul upon His honor—‘I know whom I have believed…" [2 Timothy 2:12] We pray, ‘Lord, increase our faith,’ and we try to pump up faith, but it does not come. What is wrong? The moral surrender to Jesus has not taken place. Will I surrender to Jesus from the real center of my life, and deliberately and willfully stake my confidence in what He says? Many of us use religious jargon; we talk about believing in God, but our actual life proves that we do not really believe one tenth of what we profess."