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Passing of the Law

"John 15:25. ‘But this cometh to pass, that the word might be fulfilled that is written in their law.’ This one and only reference in the upper-room discourse to the law of Moses is most significant. At has been shown, Christ, in this discourse, has taken His followers beyond the cross and is unfolding to them the very foundations of the new teachings of grace. These men were Jews; but in this teaching Christ does not speak to them as though the law of Moses was binding on them. He says, ‘their law’; not ‘your law,’ thus indicating that these Jews who had come under grace were no longer under the reign of the law of Moses.

"By this Scripture not only is the whole law system definitely declared to be done away during the dispensation of grace; but it is noticeable that the law, as law, is never once applied to the believer as the regulating principle of his life under grace. This is not an accidental omission; it is the expression of the mind and will of God."