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You Can Only Kill Me

"Jesse Boardman Hartwell worked for many years as a Baptist missionary in China from 1860 until his death in 1912. "One of the first fruits of Mr. Hartwell’s early ministry was a young man of the Tsung Family Village. So persistent was he in presenting the claims of Christianity to his unbelieving relatives and friends, that his clansmen felt disgraced at harboring so outspoken a follower of the foreign devils. He was untrue to the ancestors whom he no longer worshipped, and to his nation, for he was paying tribute to a foreign God. They took him to a cliff overhanging the sea and told him that unless he gave up the Jesus religion he would be thrown over and drowned. With a smile he said, ‘You can kill me but you can’t harm me. You will only be sending me home to my Father’s house.’ They decided to let him live a while longer since he was so happy despite their direst threats. He lived to a blessed old age and saw a handsome church building in his own village and many members of his family active in the service of the Lord."