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Wrong Emphasis on Suffering of Christ

"Jesus Christ never went to His disciples and said, ‘Now look, I died for you. Won’t you remember My sufferings and My tears, and My groans and My blood?’ Never! He said, ‘Mary,’ and Mary turned and said ‘Rabboni’ (John 20:16). He never said, ‘I died for you.’ He simply said, ‘Mary.’ That’s the difference between the New Testament and a lot of religious books. Religious books are often unhealthy, and in an effort to become spiritual they become more unhealthy still.

"I want to be a healthy Christian. I believe it is the will of God that we should be healthy minded. The healthiest man was Jesus Christ and the healthiest disciple was Paul. We ought to be healthy men and women. That’s why I don’t go in much for Good Friday services where they sit around moaning and groaning, trying to follow Jesus through the stations of the cross. It is like trying to follow one’s mother through the long hours of labor. It’s enough to say, ‘Thank you, Mother, I’m here!’ "