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Gift from England to America

Source Name: 
Vanguard of the Caravans (p. 45-46)
Source Author: 
Coe Hayne

The Baptist pastor William Staughton (1770-1829) "was one of Great Britain’s choicest gifts to America. He came to this country fresh from that group of far-seeing men who, led by Fuller, Ryland, Carey, and others at Kettering in Northamptonshire, England, October 2, 1792, had laid the foundation of the first Protestant [Baptist] foreign mission society of modern times. At that meeting Staughton contributed all the money he had with him, amounting to half a guinea, and considered it the best achievement of his life. The entire collection amounted to $63.79, but it has not ceased to multiply itself an incalculable number of times in every generation since.

"Staughton signed as ‘A Friend’ the historic original document that set forth the objective of the pioneer missionary society named, The Particular Baptist Society for Propagating the Gospel amongst the Heathen. The spirit that animated William Carey and his associates at Kettering became the ruling spirit of William Staughton through life. He was the only member of that original English group to come to the New World. His prophetic vision and missionary statesmanship prevailed in the councils of Baptist leaders here and helped to give direction to the missionary advance that followed the electrifying appeal that Judson sent from India."

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